Hiking of Cross 1997


Hiking of Cross  |  Kreuzmarsch

August 1 – September 21, 1997 ¦ During these 40 days, wanderers hiked through Switzerland from the northern border (Ramsen) to the southern (Chiasso) and from the eastern (Martina) to the western (Vallorbe), as in God’s word to Abraham, „Go, walk through the length and breadth of the land, for I am giving it to you“ (Genesis 13:17)

The goal of this hike

From the beginning, citizens of Switzerland were a covenant people who made many different covenants throughout their history. The most important was the covenant of 1291 which the three original cantons made in God’s presence on the Rütli Mountain. Today our constitution still begins with the words of that covenant, „IN THE NAME OF GOD, THE ALMIGHTY“. Our flag also points to this divine-Christian foundation; on it we see the cross (of Golgotha) on a red background (blood of Jesus). Even our national anthem clearly expresses that for centuries we as a nation have placed our confidence in God.
We are not the first who have the impression that we as a people have departed from this path. Thus in August 1831 the national day of thanks, repentance and prayer was instituted. Not much has changed since then, on the contrary. More than ever we see that our country is declining and we are increasingly under external and internal pressure. Thus we can only say, as we read in the Bible, 2 Chronicles 29:10:
„Now I intend to make a covenant with the Lord, the God of Israel, so that his fierce anger will turn away from us.“

This is the hike’s goal:
• to renew this covenant before God
• to ask him for forgiveness
• fto give thanks for all protection until now
• fto pray for mercy and compassion for our country

Total duration: 7 1/2 weeks
Total length: ca. 800 kilometres or about 500 miles
Daily portions: ca.  25 – 30 kilometres or about 20 miles

Duration: Participate can join us for one day or for several days at a time.
Program: Brief devotions in the morning; during the hike, prayer and proclamations at significant geographic and historic points; evenings, when possible, worship services in local churches.
Length of hikes: 20-32 kilometers or about 15-25 miles per day, divided into portions.
Food: Each participant brings his own. In some cases it is possible to buy supplies or meals during the hike.
Lodging: For participants who plan to be with us more than one day we will on request organize simple lodging (dormitory, guest family, campground…), likewise breakfast and supper (at cost price).
When possible, luggage transportation will be offered.
Equipment: suitable hiking shoes and clothing, rain protection, sun protection (hat, cream) and a full water flask.
Begin: 8:00 A.M. at the local train station  or post office.


1.8. Ramsen ¦ Winterthur
2.8. Winterthur ¦ Bäretswil
3.8. Bäretswil

4.8. Bäretswil ¦ Pfäffikon SZ
5.8. Pfäffikon SZ ¦ Schwyz
6.8. Schwyz ¦ Altdorf
7.8. Altdorf ¦ Wassen
8.8. Wassen ¦ Andermatt
9.8. Andermatt
10.8. Andermatt

11.8. Andermatt ¦ Gotthard Pass
12.8. Gotthard Pass ¦ Airolo
13.8. Airolo ¦ Faido
14.8. Faido ¦ Biasca
15.8. Biasca ¦ Bellinzona
16.8. Bellinzona (Locarno)
17.8. Bellinzona

18.8. Bellinzona ¦ Isone
19.8. Isone ¦ Lugano
20.8. Lugano ¦ Chiasso
23.8. Reise

25.8. Martina ¦ Scuol
26.8. Scuol ¦ Guarda
27.8. Guarda ¦ Susch
28.8. Susch ¦ Flüala Pass
29.8. Flüala Pass ¦ Davos
30.8. Davos
31.8. Davos

1.9. Davos ¦ Küblis
2.9. Küblis ¦ Landquart
3.9. Landquart ¦ Chur
4.9. Chur ¦ Ilanz
5.9. Ilanz ¦ Truns
6.9. Truns ¦ Disentis
7.9. Disentis

8.9. Disentis ¦ Sedrun
9.9. Sedrun ¦ Andermatt
10.9. Wassen ¦ Susten
11.9. Susten ¦ Meiringen
12.9. Meiringen ¦ Interlaken
13.9. Interlaken ¦ Thun
14.9. Thun

15.9. Thun ¦ Schwarzenburg
16.9. Schwarzenburg ¦ Fribourg
17.9. Fribourg ¦ Romont
18.9. Romont ¦ Moudon
19.9. Moudon ¦ Orbe
20.9. Orbe ¦ Vallorbe
21.9. Bern Abschlusskundgebung

concluding rally at the federal (Berne) square on the national day of thanks, repentance and prayer, Saturday September 21, 1997 from 2:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M.

Customs Ramsen
Pass of Gotthard
Customs Chiasso

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