Jesus Christ in Switzerland 2002

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Delivered the message
„Jesus Christ in Switzerland“

Between September 11th and 13th 2002 the message “Jesus Christ in Switzerland” will be delivered to all 3,7 million households in our country. Many times, we heard and read about this “huge project”. Again, I would like to emphasize that we are not simply dealing with “a project” but with something where the heartbeat of God can be heard and felt. It is His heart that beats for each single person in this country, as well as for Switzerland as a nation, which shall be a blessing for the people in the country as well as for other nations (including Israel).

In the first place, we are being obedient and doing what HE told us. It is simply the grace of God, that makes it possible, that – if you want to put it this way – Jesus enters every apartment, every house in this country. If he will be welcomed there or not depends – at least to a good degree – on us as Christians. I want to explain this with an example:

The members of a church in the USA chose at random 80 names from the telephone directory. Then the leader of the church asked the church to pray for those people for 90 days. At the same time he asked them, to select another 80 names from the telephone directory of the town by random. This second list of names was knowingly put aside and nobody prayed for these people. After 90 days all of these 160 people were contacted personally by phone by members of the church. They were asked, if they agreed that Christians could call round and pray for them. The astonishing (or perhaps not astonishing) result was this: Only one person from the list that was not prayed for was willing to receive the visit. From the list of names who were prayed for during 90 days 69 were willing to receive a visit from Christians. 45 of them even invited the Christians in their house, offered them coffee and were willing to name particular prayer requests.

The key has been and is prayer!

It is exactly the same with this message “Jesus Christ in Switzerland”. We call all Christians to prayer! This can get very personal. Maybe, you already pray for a long time for a member of the family, for a whole family, for the neighbours, a friend, a colleague from work, for the street where you live, your town etc. Continue to pray or start with it in reference to the coming up distribution.

• Pray that the message will be read!!!

• It is a prayer request that we keep to the planned schedule. This means prayer: for the printer, for the machines, for the transport to our post office and to all post offices in Switzerland and to all letter boxes. Up to now, everything is going to plan. The translations into French and Italian are done. We have printed 5000 German copies of the brochures and are posting them now. At the beginning of August, the printing of the 3,7 million copies starts. They have to be posted up to the end of August or – by the latest – at the beginning of September. Then, the transport to all post offices will take place, so that they can be distributed between September 11 and 13.

• Another request concerns the finances. We are thankfull that all complete cost of CHF 865 000,- are payed!!!

• Please pray as well for us the team of the “Abraham Verein” and above all for our family (Woiwode) for protection and steadfastness.

With the expectance that Jesus Christ will gain entrance to many hearts I would like to thank you again for each help and support.

“Be ye strong, therefore, and let not your hands be weak; for your work shall be rewarded.” (2 Chronicles 15:7)



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