Prayer, evangelization and healing expedition PEH+ 04

„Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation“.
Mark 16:15

Jesus’ commission to us is not a relic from the distant past, overtaken and out of date. On the contrary. We sense an increase and an urgency as never before to preach the gospel, pray for the sick and drive out demons. We believe that this is a commission for every disciple of Jesus. A commission which we cannot delegate to just a few. Jesus himself already challenged us to pray for workers because the fields are ripe for harvest. In this area we also see that it is a time of „break-throughs“. On the one hand the urgent longing for preaching was never as great as now. On the other hand, the circumstances were never as „“suitable“. The Christ Day is like a piece of the puzzle in this working of God, as well as the march of the flags and the vision of a prayer cell for every community in Switzerland. A real „prayer rug“ will be created which covers our whole country. These prayers will serve, among other things, to open people for God’s speaking and acting. Thus there is a connection between all the activities, conferences, conferences and initiatives taking place in our country. God is adding to this once again. Therefore there are PEH+04 and Vision 200, Luke 10, Christ Day, Explo, Levites’ camp usw.

 These are a few examples of how we saw God working:

Responding to an impression from God, I went to an old folks’ home to pray with the seniors, but the head caretaker said they had sufficient spiritual care…then to the local mayor, but he was on vacation… on to doctors, to pray for their patients’ healing, but the practices are closed (vacation) and the one which is open doesn’t have a doctor…in the evening 50 persons gathered for an open-air worship service, but not one of those who were invited come…and not one of the PEH+04 participants was frustrated! (Horw, August2, 04)

Mario and Andi from Lucern now belong to the heavenly family! Among others, these teen-agers dare for the first time to set out on the adventure of a life with Jesus! And an eye-lid twitch which was present from birth disappeared completely after one of them gave his life to Jesus and received prayer for healing! (Buochs, August 3, 04)

Several youths with beer boxes and ghetto busters remain after the public meeting on the lakeshore (after an opening free grill sausage), in the midst of other youths who pray for them. Suddenly they want more: they want to meet this Jesus and almost tear the pocket Bibles (Gideons) from the hands of those who prayed! (Buochs, August 3, 04)

A woman on the PEH team dreamed of a woman sitting on a park bench, whom she could bring an answer to a question. The next evening she saw exactly this woman sitting on a bench. She was from Albania. They converse for two hours and our team member prayed with her, so that she would expect an answer from Jesus. A hopeful beginning! (Buochs, August 3, 04)

Alp horns and worship songs beneath the Tell monument in Altdorf open the hearts of the street cafe guests and the windows of the surrounding houses. They all listen to the sermon, following which a young man living on invalid insurance comes and asks for prayer for the ruined disc in his back. Overwhelmed with God’s father love which he received, he gives his life to Jesus. Then he returns pain-free to his seat. (Burglen UR, August 4, 04)








Näfels, August 6, 04 | Wolfhalden, August 09, 04 | Bürglen, August 10, 04


Neunkirch, August 11, 04 | Regensdorf, August 12, 04 | Mels, August 13, 04 | Landquart, August 14, 04


Ilanz, August 17, 04 | Biasca, August 19, 04 | Faido, August 20, 04 | Naters, August 24, 04




Zweisimmen, August 28, 04 | Lancy, August 31, 04 | Cortaillod, September 01, 04 | Marly, September 03, 04



Ittingen, September 06, 04 | Courroux, September 07, 04 | Binningen, September 08, 04 | Dornach, September 09, 04





Region Innerschweiz 02-06 August 04
02.08. Horw LU Bahnhof ¦ Oberstufenschulhaus Horwerhalle
03.08. Buochs NW Post ¦ Grillplatz See
04.08. Bürglen UR Post ¦ Tell Denkmal Altdorf
05.08. Schwyz SZ Bh Seewen ¦ Platz Hofmatt
06.08. Näfels GL Bahnhof ¦

Region Nordostschweiz 07 -13 August 04
07.08. Appenzell AI Bahnhof ¦ Bahnhofspark
08.08. (Gottesdienst)
09.08. Wolfhalden AR Post ¦ Rest. Krone
10.08. Bürglen TG Bahnhof ¦ PP Rest. Frohsinn
11.08. Neunkirch SH Bahnhof ¦ Alter Schulhausplatz
12.08. Regensdorf ZH Bahnhof ¦ Gemeinschaftszentrum Roos
13.08. Mels SG Bahnhof ¦ Bahnhofsplatz

Region Graubünden 14 -18 August 04
14.08. Landquart GR ¦ Bahnhofsplatz
15.08. (Gottesdienst Forum Riet)
16./17.08. Ilanz GR ¦ Bahnhofsplatz
18.08. Thusis GR

Region Tessin 19 -23 August 04
19.08. Biasca TI ¦ 19.30 Restaurante pista di gghiaccio
20./21.08. Faido TI ¦ 19.30 Ostello cappuccini
22.08. (Gottesdienst)
23.08. Airolo TI ¦ 19.30 Hotel des Alpes

Region Wallis/Bern 24 -28 August 04
24.08. Naters VS Bh Brig
25.08. Sierre VS
26.08. Conthey VS Bh Châteauneuf-Conthey
27.08. Martigny VS
28.08. Zweisimmen BE

Region Westschweiz 29 August -03 September 04
29.08. (Gottesdienst)
30.08. Ecublens VD T.S.O.L. EPFL ¦ Schwimmbad
31.08. Lancy GE Hst. Grand-Lancy
01.09. Cortaillod NE Hst. Cortaillod-Cortagora
02.09. Romont FR ¦ Lokal Waldhaus
03.09. Marly FR Hst. Marly Cité ¦ places des sport

Region Nordwestschweiz 04 -10 September 04
04.09. Wohlen BE Viehschauplatz Uettligen b. Wohlen
05.09. (Gottesdienst)
06.09. Ittigen BE
07.09. Courroux JU Bh Delémont
08.09. Binningen BL Hst. Kronenplatz
09.09. Dornach SO Hst. Dornach-Arlesheim, Rest. Akropolis
10.09. Oftringen AG Hst. Coop/Post




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