„Blow the trumpet! Gather the people“ in Bern 2005

„Blow the trumpet! Gather the people“.

Samstag, 15th October 2005 at the place Federal in Bern


Perhaps some of you are thinking right now, “Not another appeal already.” That’s understandable! This year there have already been several big events – EXPLO, the Levite Camp, the National Day of Prayer, the Christian Proclamation Day at the Bundesplatz (Parliament Square) in Bern ….and of course many, many seminars and conferences and so on. We are so happy with the good, motivating messages, the enthusiastic worship, the books and CD’s …Wow! Everything’s going so well…but is it really? Maybe not.

We pray all the more, rise up and do battle – ‘spiritual warfare’ eg against ungodly laws. They are passed all the same! Against the visit of the Dalai Lama. But he still comes and as many as 10,000 visitors and the media greet his visit with great enthusiasm! Against the Street Parade. Not only does it take place but about one million visitors are present! Are we praying in the wrong way or is this already part of “the judgement which begins in the house of God?” Or does something have to change within the church? What we no doubt need is a “Transformation of our hearts!” It is deeply shameful the way our country has turned out. But what do we expect? Isn’t this the “normal development of a land without God?” Still more shameful however is the condition of our own hearts. We who profess to love Jesus, to sanctify His Name and to live in the fear of the Lord ….. dear brothers and sisters, please listen carefully. I am convinced that our gathering at the Bundesplatz is an absolute necessity! This appeal is God’s appeal! God can help us to make a further step forward! Because of His great love for us, He wants to prepare a bride and not a prostitute.

Invest these two hours on the Bundesplatz for God and our country!

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart.” Deut. 6:5

“O land, land, land! Hear the Word of the Lord.“ Jeremiah 22:29

“Rend your hearts and not your garments.” Joel 2:13

“Be always watchful and pray at all times.” Luke 21:36

Committee: Leaders of different prayer groups, Israel organisations, ICCC, churches and fellowships.


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