Isaiah 58 Conference 2007


“Isaiah 58” Conference

27 – 29 September 2007

God, the Father, sent His Son Jesus Christ to us. Away from Himself in heaven. Down to us human beings on earth. GOD is at present worldwide in the process of invigorating and bringing life into His Body, the Church. Changing our focus, away from looking at ourselves, towards one of looking at and reaching out to others. It is absolutely right and necessary, that we pray and fast but our prayers must be transformed into action, Otherwise we are in danger, in God’s eyes, of being in the position of the people of Israel, when dealing with the subject of “true” and “false” service for God. God had freely given Himself to us. Are we also ready to give of ourselves, not only to Him, but also to our neighbours?
Let yourself be touched anew with the love and mercy of our Father and let Him show you different possibilities of taking action. But it goes much further, than just simply, doing something. It needs a change in our heart and thinking!
This conference should serve as a wake-up call, to provide impulse and motivation, so that God’s name will be glorified., HIS Kingdom will increase, and HIS will be done, in our churches, fellowships, workplaces and countries. Now is the time!


Jobst Bittner    |     Hansjörg Leutwyler

Julie Kronberg and Rita Tsukahira

Regula Woiwode   |    Worship

Cornelia Kuruc and Anton Cruz

Speakers: Jobst Bittner (TOS), Anton Cruz (India), Rita Tsukahira (Israel), Hansjörg Leutwyler (EACH), Hanspeter Lang (Stiftung Wendepunkt), Werner and Regula Woiwode and others

Speakers from Switzerland:
Priscilla Salvisberg, Anni Gansner, Fred Grob and others

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