International Childrens’ Intercessory Prayer Conference in India 2009

Abraham Ministry trip to India July 02 – 19 2009

38 degrees in the shade. Thermometers for hundreds of passengers and no luggage …. That was the situation on our arrival in Chennai in the South of India. Fortunately the rest of our trip was much more successful. Wonderful to see, these enthusiastic children at the ICIC Conference! Worship, dancing and intercessory prayer were the most important themes. Three days of high life!
Afterwards we simply shared life with our friends and the orphans.
Once again I was very impressed with the fervour in prayer of the “Royal Kids”! When it comes to praying for revival they are full of fire, whether in India, in Switzerland among the children and teenagers or in their own families. Before and after the evening meal, in the morning, at any opportunity – they write and sing their own worship songs, from as young as 9-years old, in both Tamil and English. Then they will practice with the violin until they play it properly. Totally voluntarily….. Do they have any time to play and have fun? Oh, yes – and how! Also, fortunately, there is enough time to talk, comfort, lean against and hug one another.

When I look at the vision of Father Anton Cruz and all the projects that he has started, it appears to me that India is “the new America”. The land of unlimited opportunities. Homes for orphans and handicapped, for temple prostitutes (children and teenagers), evangelistic television programmes run by children, schools for those from the slums and from high society, day-care centres, children’s prayer houses, and conferences, a media centre, DVDs and CDs, new churches have been and are being started, free Christian schools in the countryside with free private lessons … this last one fascinated me, in particular; a complete system of education in the form of private lessons. Both the teachers and the students are Hindus. A pastor visits them every week; teaching them using five fingers how to pray to Jesus. At the same time he teaches them that JESUS is no longer one GOD among thousands but the ONLY ONE! On Sunday they attend a classical Sunday School, along with their parents! As a result small churches are founded in many different areas. When they grow quickly they will receive their own pastor. The same applies for the distribution of food to the poorest people; for the children, themselves, with enough for them to take home for other family members (the fathers have either deserted them or they are alcoholics or they are dead.)

We returned home with full, thankful hearts, and at the same time, only half a heart. Full because of everything we had experienced. Half because we had left the other half behind with “our” children.
Regula Woiwode


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