Prayer and deacons trip to Israel 2010


22.4 – 02.05.2010

Our time in Israel once more so quickly belongs to the past. What remains are wonderful memories, new ways of looking at things, and a deep thankfulness to GOD for all the protection we experienced during the trip.

It would take too long to write down all that we experienced. So I will only give a few highlights. For example, the meeting with Raissa,in a Russian/ messianic church. She hardly spoke any English, nevertheless we understood one anothers’ hearts as we prayed for one another. I left the room for a short while and as I returned she was waiting for me with a plateful of cakes , which she had baked, and a mug of tea. The sparkle in her eyes spoke more than many words often do.

A special experience for me ocurred when we drove to the Gaza strip to pray. I felt a mixture of fear, uncertainty and something threatening, but I managed to endure it and to stand there and pray. I became aware that the people who live in this area have also to live with these feelings everyday. I hope that this experience will influence my prayers for Israel.
The trip to the border with Lebanon, to the Sea of Galilee ant to the baptismal area at the Jordan was simply awesome. The country itself is so wonderful and I really enjoyed the trip. GOD is so good! When I travel with my thoughts to Israel to pray and to minister to others, GOD is always the one who surprises me the most and gives me back so much more than I invest. On this day I felt especially blessed.

And then, of course, was the Wedding of Cindy and Oleg on Mount Carmel. I have never before attended a Jewish-Messianic wedding. The previous evening, the so-called „bride-shower“ took place, where only the women were invited. There one could pray for the bride, give ones’ best wishes for the marriage or simply recount a shared experience. On the wedding day, itself, everything was prepared in the Or HaCamel church and we could enjoy a fine Apèro. We were all waiting with expectation for the arrival of the bride and bridegroom. And then they were there the bridegroom and his beautiful bride. The traditional Jewish ceremony took place under the Chuppa (Baldachin or canopy) and after the official part, there was time to celebrate and dance joyfully and happily to Israeli music. It was a very enjoyable party and a picture of what GOD does, as HE promised us, when he makes new creations out of both Jews and Gentiles alike.

Karin Wipf

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