Pakistan 2010

6 – 16 December 10

I had the privilege to be invited to Pakistan from 6th. – 16th. December. I thank you once more for all your prayers. The first few days in Lahore with Pastor Sohail and his large family (who all belong to the team), were taken up with preaching in various churches, evangelistic outreaches in villages and two appearances on a Christian TV station (which reaches some 4 – 5 million viewers). Everywhere I went I was able to blow my shofar, including the television programmes. God had made it quite clear when I was still at home that I was to do this. The people were very open and enthusiastic about it. During the evening evangelistic outreaches people came to faith in Jesus Christ, on one evening between 50 – 70 and, on the other, over 100! People were also healed during the worship time in these evening services,, without anyone praying for them. It was a very exciting time.

Afterwards I flew to Islamabad, where I spent the rest of my visit. I stayed with the leader of the intercessory prayer network for Pakistan. We had met him previously in New York (for the prayer for the UNO) and in Cape Town (during the Global Day of Prayer conference). Emmanuel has spent the last seven years encouraging the Christians in Pakistan to pray and motivate them to become praying churches. I knew that, for the first time ever, they have been challenged to take part in a 40-day fasting and prayer campaign. This should run from 1 January until 9. February 2011. Naturally, the preparations for this event were running at full speed in December. Hence for Emmanuel it would have been better when I would have come in 2011. That is understandable from a human point of view. But I had the impression that I should come now in December. I was also able to preach in a number of churches and to blow the shofar. I motivated the churches, as I had done in Lahore, that it was imperative to be a part of this countrywide prayer campaign. What is fascinating about this campaign is that it is based on Joel 2 . „Blow the trumpet“!“ Emmanuel told me that he spent many weeks beforehand wrestling whether or not he should print this verse on the flyer. A number of people had advised him not to, so it was really a wrestling match for him. In the end he decided that that was what God wanted and printed the flyer accordingly. We had previously not spokem about it , and, therefore, I knew nothing about it. And now all of a sudden I arrive with my shofar and start blowing it everywhere I go. Emmanuel cried over God’s grace and wisdom and was beside himself for joy. One evening when I prayed for him and his wife, in their home, I washed their feet and knew I had to give them my shofar. I couldn’t do anything less. My shofar that I had received 15 years earlier as a present in Israel, which I had blown in Switzerland, in every continent, in many diffent countries, on mountain tops and in valleys … now was the time and I could joyfully give it to him. You can hardly imagine how that affected us both. We all cried together and it was as though we were wrapped up in and enclosed by God’s presence. It was indescribable. This shofar from Israel will be blown on 1. January 2011 to „open „ the first countrywide fasting and prayer campaign ever in Pakistan!
I felt so strongly that I knew that I was in the right place at the right time. And there is something else in me, that has got through my skin and into my heart. The knowledge that God can influence the fortunes of a whole nation through people like you and me, when we do what He tells us to do!
On my last evening there, I met with the complete team responsible for this campaign. We listened to God’ s word and I blew my shofar for the last time , this time over them and we prayed for one another.

Books and school uniforms were donated by BOAS Switzerland.

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