Prayer and Deacons trip to Israel 2011


Each year, for the past seven years, we have visited Israel with a group of between 13 – 17 people. We visit three Messianic churches in Ashdod, Jerusalem and on Mount Carmel. Perhaps you would think that it would be the same for us, as group leaders, but you would be in for a big surprise. On the one hand, it is never the same group of people. The group is always different and, therefore, has its own character and dynamic. It is interesting and exciting to see how the comradeship develops. There are many differing factors which influence it: the age of the participants, the mix of the sexes, whether they have been to Israel before or are first-timers.

On the other hand, we never know what the situation in Israel will be or how the individual churches have developed. Of course, we are in regular contact throughout the year by email, but things change from one day to the next so that things are somewhat different in reality to what they appear to be from a distance.

Here are some of the most lasting impressions of our visit:

– the meeting with some sutvivors of the Holocaust in Ashdod, The testimony of one of them shook us all up. It really touched our hearts.

– the prayer time in the newly refurbished house in Ashdod, that will be used as a drug rehabilitation centre. We prayed in every room and then, in particular, for the couple who will be in charge of this work. This time of blessing was accompanied by a strong presence of the Lord.

– Twice we experienced a „rocket alarm“ in Ashkelon. The second time we actually saw how a rocket from the Gaza strip exploded after it was hit by an Israeli defence rocket.

– Also we had a wonderful time with Cindy and Oleg. They were married last year and we were able to sing and pray in their flat. They are a good example of „the new person/people“ from Ephesians 2 (Cindy as a Swiss Christian and Oleg, as a Messianic Jew, who had Alijha undertaken).

– Our prayer meeting on the border with Lebanon was also very memorable, because a lot of Israelis were under way as it was a public holiday. I could not get the sight of a young soldier on guard behind the barbed-wire fence out of my mind for a long time.

There is still a great deal that I could write about. Not to us, but to you Lord, belongs all thanks and glory!


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