Prayer and Fasting week for Switzerland in Aeschi 2013

18 – 24 March 2013 | Aeschi by Spiez

And I will do whateveryou ask in My name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father. Joh. 14:13 (NIV)

We were a group of 19 people who came together for a week in the youth hostel in Aeschi near Spiez with the specific purpose of focussing on God and His word. To be before Him, to look upon Him, to hear from Him and to answer Him with our thanks, prayers and intercession; that was our (and above all His) concern.
And once more we came with anticipation: it was and is no sacrifice, when we decide to abstain from food. It is a wonderful privelge!

Because we experienced so many things during this week it was not easy to decide what to write about. The most lasting impression came from the reading and listening to God’s word! We experienced first hand what it means: “My word will not return empty but will do that which it was sent to do!” Through His word participatants were healed, restored, filled, full of joy, encouraged and above all God revealed Himself to us in and through His word.

A very intensive time of intercession was spent when we prayed for children, parents, marriages and families. The previous night God had already “given” one of the group a dream in which children, who were neglected and left alone, were lifting up their hands in desperation, crying and looking for someone who would take care of them. As a result, we were all crying and our hearts were moved This manifested spontaneously in our midst, so we followed the leading of the Holy Spirit. During this impressive time God worked healing and restoration among a number of us.

Another event which left a lasting impression was our “prayer meeting” in Parliament Square in Berne. One morning God gave us the impression that we should go there, and we were all in agreement to drive there and pray, on the spot, for our government. We hadn’t planned this and so we had no idea what would be awaiting us. As a result we were positively surprised to discover that our politicians were in attendance, because the spring session was still being held. Unfortunately, we were not able to go in, because our group was too large (groups can only enter with pre-registration). So we split up into smaller groups, who decided which “Bundesrat” (Minister) to pray for. We dispersed around Parliament Square, remaining in visual contact with the Parliament building itself. We rejoiced when we suddenly saw Ueli Maurer leave the building on his own. I was in the group who were praying for him. Regula said that God’s blessings should be on him and follow him. In the moment that she prayed this, Mr. Maurer scratched his head and turned around in our directon. The blessing must have hit him
– a direct hit! Besides Mr. Maurer we also saw Mr. Walter, Mr. Minder, Mr. Bertoluzzi, Mr. Brunner and Mr. Freysinger.

We were deeply moved every time we read in the gospels about the crucifixion of Jesus .
This was emphasised by a large, and very striking picture of the crucificxon (from Matthias Gruenewald). On another day, some of us saw the video “The Passon of the Christ” (it was voluntary!). It was difficult to watch, listen to and to endure. We were all shaken to the core! During this night, we, as a group, held a prayer watch from 02.00-03.00, which turned out to be one of the most impressive events of the whole week.
“Can’t you remain awake for one hour with Me.” Yes: we we can! and we will!

Change of scene: There is a worship chapel in Aeschi, which the “Sisters of Mary” erected a few decades ago. Again following an impulse from the Holy Spirit, we walked, as a group, up there and spent 1 ½ hours in worship, thanksgiving and intercession for our country. It was almost colder in the church than outside according to the thermometer. After we had been worshipping for an hour the temperature had risen by three degrees.
At the end we made a joyful sound before the Lord, cheered loudly proclaimed a victory shout and reinforced these with shofar, drums and cow bells! A resounding time.

On the last evening the team prepared a festive dinner table for all the participants. Eveyone else had to remain outside until the preparaions were completed. The tables were joined together end to end and covered with a golden tablecloth. The Communion (a glass and a piece of cracker on a plate for each person), candles, decoration, and a red rose for each person. It looked stunningl- festive and sumptuous! The reason for all this was God’s invitation to a banquet. We, as the team, invited everyone in, one at a time, symbolically washed their feet, (in fact, we had already done that before), gave them a kiss and anointed them with oil. It was difficult to describe. A breath of God’s glory was in the air. We had only planned to read a parable and celebrate Communion – and see what the Lord would make out of it. For almost two hours we thanked Him, looked at the table and one another and were literally amazed and thankful like little children.

Daniela, a member of the team, is a real power woman. Very quiet, always in the background; yet a veritable volcano, full of creative ideas. In the first week of fasting (last year) she had, among other things, painted a a very impressive picture. This year she also brought a screen, colouring, cloth, paper and even a sewing machine! During this week she started to sew a banner with Switzerland on it. In this wonderful atmosphere we saw her continually working on the banner At the end of the week, as she finished it, and we hung it up and photographed it, we noticed that it was a reversed image! We left the retreat with this image and went home.
One of the participants wrote the following commentary the next day:

Something has been troubling me since yesterday evening and I would simply like to share it with you.
Daniela sewed a wonderful banner of Switzerland, but the country was mounted with a reversed image, from our perspective. But I found this as prophetic, and exactly how God sees us! We have prayed, entreated, proclaimed and assaulted heaven for our nation and heaven has been set in motion. and Daniela was inspired in this atmosphere, without her realising it to sew the country Switzerland the wrong way round. God has heard our prayers and He will change and turn our nation inside out, so that it will not be the same as before!!!! So I am completely comvinced that what Daniela creatively produced is not wrong but prophetic and exactly inspired by the heart of God!!! Please, she should not be discouraged nor should she change the banner or even throw it away! It should be lifted up as a prophetic sign! God will start to shake and change our nation through His fire. All glory belongs to Him. B.J.

We are also convinced that this “banner story” represents the gist of what God wants to say about our country. So we rejoice that God does not see us as backwards, back to front or amiss but will intervene with correction. To this end we want to personaaly persevere and continue praying for our country.

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