Israel and Welby, Gumbel and Schönborn

Justin Welby is the Archbishop of Canterbury and the official head of the Anglican Church. Nicky Gumbel is the vicar of Holy Trinty Brompton in London and leader of the extremely successful „Alpha“ programme. Christoph Schönborn is the Archbishop of Vienna and one of the most influential cardinals in the Vatican. Schönborn was recently interviewed by Gumbel for a television programme which was transmitted in 77 countries. The following are a few edited excerpts from this interview:
„Nicky, I have been very impressed about what you and Justin Welby have said about your fathers – both of them have German Jewish roots. I also have a Jewish background. All three of us have Jewish blood.“
„The deepest division in the Body of Christ is the one between Israel and the Gentiles. We are now called on, to intensively pray for these wounds be healed, so that the time of the Gentiles will come to pass and Israel can come to enjoy the fullness of saalvation. This can only be achieved through the Cross.“
About unity, he said: „There is no other way to achieve this, only through the Body of Christ. What first attracted me the the evangelical Christians was to feel their deep love for Jesus, which I experienced in some other Christian fellowship as deeper and livelier than in my own church. We must learn from one another.“
Schönborn spoke about his own family – with eight bishops and three cardinals among his forefathers – and about his father’s own resistance to the Nazi regime, which went so far that he even enlisted in the British army.

About the current Pope: „Pope Francis is a delight. I am not allowed to speak about the secrets of the enclave, but it was an incredible experience with the Holy Spirit. Through the presence of the Holy Spirit we were led to this man, who was sitting in a corner of the Sistine Chapel. I received two distinct signals from the Lord, which for me was corroberation that he was the right choice.“

The fact that Welby, Gumbel and Schönborn are all leaders of Christianity in Europe, that they are all devoted followers of Jeschua and that they all have a Jewish background, is a sign for our time. Let us pray for a complete revelation of God’s secret concerning Israel and the nations, and the Jews and the Gentiles, through Jesus who Himself is the Head of the Church (Eph. 1: 20-22) and the King of Israel (Jn.12: 12-13).

Ann C. (from „Revive Israel“ letter)


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