International Childrens’ Intercessory Prayer Conference in India 2013

July 2013

Dear Royal Kids Sponsors,
We are happy to bring you greetings from the Royal Kids in India. Hanna Woiwode, my two daughters and I visited the international Royal Kids prayer conference, ICIC of 2013, in Chennai this summer. We will share some of our impressions from this trip.

We spent nearly two weeks on the TOD Ashram grounds (TOD=Tabernacle of David; Ashram means place of quiet) in Chennai. Together with the children there, we prayed, danced, sang, played games, practiced music, laughed and cried. It was lovely to see how the children felt loved. They know that even if they no longer have a father, or if their biological father does not care for them, the father in heaven is always present and looks after them. Their dedication is impressing.

Nearly 1000 children came to the ICIC – children from various schools of the Brotherhood Mission (slum children, evening schools) and children/youth from church congregations we know. In addition there were over 200 guests from various countries. Except for an English family who lives and works with the Royal Kids, we were the only Europeans.


The main elements of the ICIC were praise (at a volume we could barely stand) and prayer for individuals and nations. It impressed us to see a young Indian weeping tears and nasal mucus when praying over the Swiss flag. There were also brief messages and testimonies. A small girl’s testimony especially touched us. She comes from a Gypsy family and now lives with the Royal Kids because her parents cannot care for her. Her father was alcoholic. Once when she visited her parents she told them about Jesus. She said she was now God’s child and then prayed for her father. He was healed from his alcoholism. Then she went from house to house with a friend and told about this miracle. Ever since, the local church has always been full.

It is amazing what such small children can do in the power of God. That is exactly the message which Father Anton always imparts and it is also the reason he instructs children in intercession, evangelism and praise. He believes that children can do great things through God.

We heard another impressive testimony from a child whose brother had recently been killed in a car accident. Unfortunately, this happens often in India because the safety measures and the driving style are not like the style we know in Switzerland. Since then, this girl prays for fewer accidents on the roads. In the newspapers she read that the accident rate has sunk massively.

After the ICIC we made an impressive excursion to a leper colony. Different generations live in this colony, which was founded over 100 years ago by the Leprosy Mission of England. Old people scarred by leprosy. Young persons who go out to work, and even very small children. The pupils spontaneously sang for us. We brought the inhabitants a meal, gave testimonies and prayed with some individuals. Many older persons were especially grateful for this. There are many Christians living in this colony.

At present a total of 198 children live in 5 Royal Kids children’s homes. They come to Royal Kids colony through church congregations and through programs in leper colonies or Gypsy settlements. At Royal Kids they receive nourishment, schooling and spiritual instruction. When such children receive schooling they are able to break out of the caste system and thus have better chances for their future.

Thirty of these children who love music and are strong in prayer receive special instruction in order to serve Jesus as spiritual leaders later. These are the Revival Kids. Anton’s vision is to have 300 children in the Revival Kids within the next few years.

In addition, Royal Kids has the following projects:
• day care of ca. 160 children in 2 Chennai slums,
• support in two fishing villages – in one of them, 20 families are supported and in the other 20 handicapped persons,
• food program for ca. 160 children in the temple area of Andhra Pradesh.


We look back on these two weeks in India with grateful hearts. We saw and experienced many things and are particularly grateful for the co-operation with the girls. On our home page you can see additional pictures of our trip.

With Selvi, my direct partner in India, I was able to discuss various matters regarding the sponsors. She would like to have the e-mail addresses of all the sponsors in order to send general information (in English). If desired, it would also be possible to send direct personal information from the sponsored child. Since at this time we have no valid e-mail addresses from you, would you please send them to us at In case of language problems, we can help out.

I asked Selvi if there were any specific need for the children in Chennai. She said she would like a small bus in order to transport the children to outreaches in the slums and the prostitute neighborhoods. Does this speak to you? Then the Royal Kids would be grateful if you would send an additional donation to the account: 34-571355-9 with the remark “bus for Chennai”. Many thanks!

You could send us a photograph of you/your family if you would like to. (Please send it electronically if possible.) We will then pass it on to the Royal Kids and the child you sponsor will be happy to pray for you and your family. Please write all the names on the photograph as well as important dates such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, etc. You can also send specific prayer requests directly to the Royal Kids or through us, so that your child can pray for you.

Warm thanks once again for your support of the Royal Kids.

with God’s blessing, Rahel Oberholzer, responsible for Royal Kids India

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