International children’s prayer conference in Chennai, India 2015


August 6 -11, 2015

We have already known these friends from the Royal Kids Ministry for about eight years. After attending the first five annual conferences, I was unable to go the last two years. This time we wanted to be there in any case, because this ministry was founded 25 years ago. There was a special reason for thanksgiving and joy.
We were surprised that there were not as many outside guests as usual. Father Anton, the founder and leader, explained that he had purposely invited only long-term, faithful friends – no short-term grasping for effects with a great number of well-known leaders and delegations, but brothers and sisters with a deep, lasting friendship and partnership.
We were also very pleased to see that our friends and with them the ministry as a whole have continued to develop. It is obviously God’s favor, blessing and protection over everything. Father Anton is an amazing man. God uses him to an unusual degree, not only in India, but now world-wide as well, as a visionary among and through children; they spread God’s kingdom with worship, through prayer for the sick and for nations, and by preaching the gospel. It is wonderful to see how humble he has remained. It is still his greatest joy to sit among “his” children, watching their transformation from trash to treasure.

Whereas in the beginning “only” homes and schools were founded, now they also have their own work places and old age homes. Their goal is to establish comprehensive centers (so-called SOT=school of transformation) in every Indian state. They should include professional businesses on the same grounds. This is a gigantic vision! But we did not have the impression that anything is being forced or done under pressure. Father Anton told us, “Take it easy – think far ahead. The result doesn’t have to become visible immediately. You Westerners always want everything right away. That’s not how it works. We do not begin with a school building. At first we need no building. We begin under a tree with a few children. There are enough trees in India.” As I said, this is an amazing man with an amazing family, who are all involved in the ministry.

We were also amazed at the way in which we were honored. First or all, right at the beginning of the conference we were so to say the first of several *honored guests”. Another time during the course of the conference, unprepared and unplanned, following a time of prayer for the nations which were represented. I was to pray for Germany and after some time I completely collapsed: tears, pain and crying out for Germany and for Switzerland. This led to a strong time of prayer and repentance for Europe, led by Brian Mills. We experienced very moving and I believe also decisive moments. Then Regula and I were called up onto the stage, where young people from different nations washed our feet. Anton remarked that as spiritual parents we had washed the feet of some of the Royal Kids during the past years and now they washed ours out of gratitude and esteem. It was also a prophetic act regarding our calling. Of course that was another very moving, emotional moment.
It is absolutely unbelievable what the Brotherhood Mission accomplishes regarding liberation of little girls (8 years and up!!!) from temple prostitution. Instead of having to place themselves at the disposal of every man in the temple, to honor the gods, they now learn to read and write; they sing, dancing with shining eyes to the honor of OUR God! Where the priests used to practice these girls’ first intercourse, there is now a large cross. The whole village now goes to this temple every Friday in order to worship there. Last Friday 1000 people gathered there! Since the families now lack this income, the mothers are taught to sew – and so that they also have a job, “factories” are built. There they sew the uniforms for their own school = cheaper=3 flies with one blow! Do you now understand how comprehensive this project is? Simply brilliant! India, the land of unlimited possibilities – if God is at work. And HE clearly is!

We are deeply grateful for this time in India with unique experiences and wonderful encounters. What a privilege to meet and to know such brothers and sisters!
Werner and Regula Woiwode

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