Turkey Gathering

God is stirring hearts with the hunger to know Him in this one of the most unreached nations in the world. Thanks for praying for the Cappadocia United Prayer Movement event, May 18-21. It was a wonderful time for local Turkish believers along with expatriates working in the country and intercessors from outside Turkey to pray for His breakthrough together. Here is a report from the organizers with some follow-on prayer concerns:

  • We thank God that we could see His powerful work moving in His people in Turkey through the 2016 Turkey Outreach and Cappadocia United Prayer Movement
  • We thank God that over 500 intercessors gathered together to unite in prayer for the spiritual breakthrough and great revival of the Turkish Church.
  • We thank God that all the participants of English Camp, including teachers, children, youths, and their parents, experienced God’s grace during the Cappadocia United Prayer Movement.

For Our United Prayer for the King’s Return

That the Gospel would be proclaimed to the ends of the earth and all nations and all peoples would return to the Lord through our united prayers

For Deliverance of Middle East Refugees

That God will break into the lives of Middle East refugees with the brilliance of His love and mercy, and that with each step God will turn this dark road into the pathway to provision, with a growing sense of His loving presence

For Christian Leaders in Turkish Society

That many Christian leaders in a variety of social realms such as politics, justice, and religion will be prepared for an upcoming great spiritual revival, in which they will carry out and deliver God’s glory to the next generation

For Church Planting in All 81 Provinces of Turkey

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