„Sound the signal to set out“

Back to the first love! (Rev. 2:4) To a deep, intimate love relationship. He wants us to know HIM. From this a joyful, passionate willingness for dedication and obedience will flow, not only to the Lamb (my savior), but also to the Lion (my king).

Back to his word! In and through God’s word we know HIM more and more. We encounter HIM in the word because HE is the word. The word was with God. The word was God! (John  1:1) A hunger and a deep love for God’s word – this is what God wants to give us again so that we grow and become mature sons and daughters.

Back to an understanding of our roots! One of the most tragic aberrations of the church is that it severed itself from its roots. „Salvation is from the Jews“ (John 4:22) and „You do not support the root, but the root supports you“ (Rom. 11:18). With all our good works it looks like we are alive. But separated from the root we are dead!

HE calls you and me! All of us! Do we hear HIM? Or are we sleeping or much too busy? Let us come together and not allow this opportunity to pass by unnoticed. Let us buy the time and do what HE tells us!

Therefore, come to the meetings whenever possible!

The wake-up tour is actively supported by „Prayer for Switzerland“ and „Israel Ministries of Switzerland.“


Locations for the meetings

Sonntag 31. Juli AG Im Schachen, Aarau | 16:00 Uhr

Freitag 02. Sept SH Tannerberg 1, Schaffhausen | 19:30 Uhr
Samstag 03. Sept UR Höfligasse 5, Altdorf | 19:30 Uhr
Sonntag 04. Sept SG Goldbrunnenstr. 44, St. Gallen | 19:30 Uhr

Sonntag 11. Sept AR/AI Hundwiler Höhe | 17:00 Uhr

Freitag 16. Sept TG Rathausstr. 2, Weinfelden | 20:00 Uhr
Samstag 17. Sept BS Margarethenstr. 103, Basel | 19:00 Uhr
Sonntag 18. Sept BL Landratssaal Liestal | 17:00 Uhr

Freitag 23. Sept SO Zuchwilerstr. 56, Solothurn | 19:30 Uhr
Samstag 24. Sept FR Route du Bleuet 7, 1762 Givisiez | 19:30 Uhr
Sonntag 25. Sept BE Fabrikstrasse 2, 3012 Bern | 19:30 Uhr

Freitag 30. Sept ZG Chamerstr. 33, Zug | 19:30 Uhr
Samstag 01. Okt GL Kirchweg 86, Glarus | 19:30 Uhr
Sonntag 02. Okt ZH Josefstrasse 206 (1.Stock), 8005 Zürich | 19:30 Uhr

Freitag 07. Okt LU Haldenstr. 31, Luzern | 19:30 Uhr
Samstag 08. Okt NW Eichli 9, Stans | 19:30 Uhr
Sonntag 09. Okt OW Landenberg, Sarnen | 19:30 Uhr

Samstag 22. Okt SZ Ref. Kirche Schwyz , Schmiedgasse 34 | 19:30 Uhr
Sonntag 23. Okt GR Regula Kirche, Chur | 17:00 Uhr

Freitag 11. Nov JU rue Saint-Maurice 3.0G, 2800 Delémont | 19:30
Samstag 12. Nov GE le Tabernacle, rue de la Servette 46, Genève | 19:30
Sonntag 13. Nov NE Avenue de la Gare 18, Neuchâtel | 19:30 Uhr

Sonntag 20. Nov VD Place de la Riponne 7, 1004 Lausanne | 19:30 Uhr

Samstag 26. Nov VS route du Manège 60, 1950 Sion | 19:30 Uhr
Sonntag 27. Nov TI Via Orbello 29, 6517 Ardebo | 19:30 Uhr


DDVD-Label Werner WoiwodeVD –  The wake-up call

God’s urgent message to his church in this time must continue to run, it must be preached and heard. Therefore with the help of friends we have produced a DVD in German, English and French. It is a deep prayer concern of ours that this resource be used in order to make known God’s heart concern in all nations. Please help us by looking at the DVD  or by ordering and disseminating it.



The first wake-up meeting was on the evening before the national prayer day in Aarau. The canton Aargau served as pioneer, forerunner and breakthrough canton on this wake-up tour through all of Switzerland’s cantons.

img_0404-1 20160731_175003-1


We were given a wonderful, encouraging reception and welcome through the alliance president and pastors’ leader of this canton.

There is a video of the trumpets Video



Brothers and sisters from the cantons of Waadt, Zurich, Thurgau and Berne joined us at the wake-up call in Uri, in the town of Altdorf.


St. Gall

Here the wake-up message fell on „good ground“, that is on open hearts. It will produce much fruit!

2016-09-04-photo-00005405-1 2016-09-04-photo-00005403-1

Appenzell AI/AR

Both halves of this canton met on the Hundwiler Hill. After one and a quarter hours of steep hiking we met for communion. We were given a historic review of this strategic location which the „borders“ of both  parts of the canton cross through.

2016-09-12-photo-00001153-1 2016-09-11-photo-00005476-1 2016-09-11-photo-00005477-1


On the way to the wake-up meeting in Weinfelden, Thurgau.


Several people from Thurgau came to pray at the meeting in the town hall in Weinfelden.

2016-09-17-photo-00005522-1 2016-09-16-photo-00001579-1

Rural Basle

In the district meeting hall about 120 people met to pray. It was a profound, very special experience and privilege to hold a wake-up meeting in this place on the federal day of thanksgiving, repentance and prayer, and to kneel together.

2016-09-18-photo-00005543-1  2016-09-18-photo-00005551-1  2016-09-18-photo-00005550-1


Urban Basle

The team from the Basle house of prayer welcomed us warmly. What a joy to be together in this atmosphere.

img_1747-1 img_1744-1 img_1746-1


Up until shortly before the meeting began we were only a handful of persons and there was no musician for the worship. When we began, the room was full and a musician had arrived! We had a strong and liberating evening.



This was the first bi-lingual meeting where a translation was necessary. The wife of the meeting’s leader had an accident and he was thus unable to attend any of the preparatory meetings or the actual meeting. After a very strong worship time the message was given in two languages and attentively received. After the spiritual nourishment there was also refreshment for the body.

2016-09-24-photo-00005611-1 2016-09-24-photo-00005609-1 2016-09-24-photo-00005608-1


In the federal capital city there were misunderstandings during the preparations. But within a short time God gave us everything which was necessary.

2016-09-26-photo-00005649-1 2016-09-26-photo-00005656-1

2016-09-26-photo-00005660-1 2016-09-26-photo-00005661-1


A wonderful „mixture“ of older deaconesses and young persons made this a generation-meeting, among other things. Simultaneously, only 10 kilometers away, there was a prayer night for the establishment of a prayer house. God will bring about the birth!

2016-09-30-photo-00005687-1 2016-09-30-photo-00005685-1


In Glarus, just because of the small group of participants, God will reveal himself as „the God of the breakthrough“!



We are so grateful that our brethren prayed non-stop for 24 hours before the meeting began!

The trip to Zurich was extremely challenging with unusually big traffic jams and road construction. But we arrived in time! And a good group of brethren from the whole canton, those who had ears to hear, came to listen to what the Holy Spirit said to the church!

2016-10-02-photo-00005725-1 2016-10-02-photo-00005727-1 2016-10-02-photo-00005730-1


2016-10-07-photo-00001196-1 2016-10-07-photo-00001198-1

Luzern hat momentan keinen verantwortlichen Fahnenträger. Daher war die Vorbereitung auf diesen Anlass eher schwierig. Trotz dieser Hindernisse hatte der Herr ganz kurzfristig einen jungen Anbeter mit seiner Gitarre gebracht und auch etliche Personen, die der Einladung gefolgt waren.


2016-10-08-photo-00005766-1 2016-10-08-photo-00005767-1

Ein Minusrekord wenn es um die Anzahl der Teilnehmer geht. Ausser den vier Personen vom Team, kamen noch drei Männer zum Treffen. Aber was Gott an diesen drei wirkte, das war einfach überwältigend. Dazu noch das Wissen, dass es sich um drei Schlüsselpersonen (Multiplikatoren) handelte.


2016-10-09-photo-00005781-1 2016-10-09-photo-00005784-1

2016-10-09-photo-00005780-1 2016-10-09-photo-00005785-1

Als geschichtsträchtige, prächtige Kulisse diente der Landenberg für die Weckruf Veranstaltung in Obwalden. Was für eine Freude, dort mit einer Gruppe von Jungen und älteren Geschwistern, die Botschaft des Herrn zu hören, die Trompeten zu blasen und gemeinsam zu beten.


2016-10-23-photo-00001286-1 2016-10-22-photo-00005838-1 2016-10-23-photo-00001287-1

Welch ein herzlicher und freudiger Empfang von Rahel und Peter, die uns auf dem Hauptplatz wichtige geistige Entwicklungen des Kantons und des Hauptortes bis in die Gegenwart hinein erklärten. Auch körperlich gestärkt wurden wir dann durch einen sehr schmackhaften Falafel.

Ein Schwyzer Teilnehmer der Weckruf Versammlung bestätigte dann eindrücklich, dass der Leib Jesu sich in einer Notsituation befindet. Gott gab ihm vor einigen Monaten ein Bild über SEINEN Leib. Dabei war der Leib kopflos. Das Haupt war nicht auf dem Leib. Das ist unser Zustand!


2016-10-23-photo-00005845-1 2016-10-23-photo-00005848-1 2016-10-23-photo-00005849-1

Das Treffen fand in der Regula Kirche statt. Eine exzellente Vorarbeit durch viele Helfer/Innen machte diesen Anlass zu einem wirklich einmaligen Erlebnis. Eine Stunde vor dem Treffen wurden kleine Gruppen in die Stadt ausgesandt, um zu beten. Das Eingangs- und Ausgangsspiel mit Orgel war besonders, ebenso der Shofarstoss am Anfang. Aus vielen Teilen des weitläufigen Kantons waren Geschwister angereist. Nach dem Weckruf hatte man noch Zeit, bei liebevoll zubereiteten Brötchen und Gebäck miteinander ins Gespräch zu kommen.

Jura, Genève, Neuchâtel

2016-11-14-photo-00006064-1 2016-11-14-photo-00006062-1 2016-11-14-photo-00006063-1 2016-11-13-photo-00006052-1 2016-11-13-photo-00006053-1 img_3270-1 2016-11-13-photo-00006059-1

The meetings in canton Jura, Geneva and Neuchâtel were very well prepared by the local teams. Strong times of worship prepared the way for the wake-up message. This was very attentively followed and openly received, which in each case strongly affected the victory cry and the prayer time. Many people took the DVD in order to pass it on to others. And finally there were animated conversations over good food and drink.






vd-2016-11-20-photo-00006084 vd-2016-11-21-photo-00006090 vd-2016-11-21-photo-00006092

We had a very powerful evening in Lausanne. Many participants, including several pastors and leaders of various ministries. Great attentiveness and willingness to hear God’s message. Zeal and dedication in prayer.

Wallis and Tessin

img_4069  img_4070
20161127_195918-1  20161127_201523-1

The wake-upmeetings in Valais and Tessin exceeded in every regard our expectations, to say nothing of the local brothers’ and sisters’ expectations. This was expressed for one thing in the large participation (from all the canton officials and from all denominations), and also in the great willingness to listen, participate and stand in the gap.The 1,000 French DVD’s were sold out before the last meeting. In Tessin the message, trumpets and victory cry were recorded on a Handy and immediately placed on Facebook. This was clicked on more than 300 times within the first two days.   Thank you, Lord!

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