European Prayer Meeting EUoP in Bratislava 2016

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October 16-20, 2016

This was the 21st such meeting! For ten years people (this time about 40) from many of our continent’s countries (13 this time) have met to pray for Europe! The planing and realization is carried out each time by a local team. The meeting described here was different in many ways from the previous 20. All of these meetings are increasingly and primarily „family“ gatherings. These family members love each other, value each other and are therefore full of joy to see one another again and spend a few days together, in spite of problems, weaknesses and various challenges.

These prayer meetings consist primarily of worship times and prayer times for „objects“ such as Christ’s body, Israel, family and members of government. Whenever possible we also visit the  parliament concerned and meet born-again politicians, as here in Bratislava, in order to pray with and for them. The highlight is always a prayer walk through the city, praying in groups in various locations. After a time of sharing, including prophetic impressions, our time culminates in a worship service with local brethren, during which we pray through these impressions. The impressive closing is always the Aaronic blessing spoken by the participants in their own country’s languages.

There were two special aspects which were different from previous meetings. The first was that we began with a banquet. It was a great success with the beautiful and lovingly prepared tables, candlelight and personal name cards, and with artistic gingerbread hearts on which each person’s name and a verse from Isaiah (25,6-8) was written. Several important persons from the host country were invited.

In addition, Bratislava became the „birthplace“ of the Canopy of Prayer over Europe. The vision for this arose already two years ago, or even earlier but without this name. God reminded me that in 2012 I had drawn lines connecting individual cities on my map of Europe. These were the places we had visited on our wakeup tour with the trumpets. While I was drawing these lines I thought, this is a prayer net over all of Europe! And in each of these 50 nations we had sounded a birth shout and proclaimed that God would bring something to birth! Now, in little, inconspicuous Bratislava God brought this child by the name of „Canopy of Prayer over Europe“ into the world. It is really fascinating to be a part of this whole process in which God is working. Therefore we invite all of you to join in and thus to change the course of history on our continent. Come and see!


Werner Woiwode

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