Prayer and Deacons trip to Israel 2016


28 october – 6 november 2016

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The goal was clear: „Look after the weakest and pray for the future.“ Fifteen highly motivated  persons accepted this challenge.

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„Comfort, comfort my people…“  (Is. 40:1)

That is, the poorest: the Holocaust survivors.

Yes, that’s what we did – and we were the recipients! We met with the more vigorous for conversation, coffee and sweets. The ill we visited in their homes. These encounters touched our hearts: bent over beds, sitting next to wheel chairs and walkers, holding hands – many tears flowed on both sides (sometimes including the nurses or translators). We prayed, sang, stroked and were kissed. Heart to heart – encounters even with persons who were totally confused, where we saw happiness over our visit. What a privilege to meet such persons and to be surprised at how little bitterness was expressed toward us. Many spoke openly and unasked about this heaviest time in their lives. From others we heard, „I can’t talk with anyone about this.“ In a way, that’s just how I now feel, also, but for totally different reasons! Thank you, Father, for the honor of these encounters!


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„The desert will blossom…and the ransomed of the Lord will return“ (from Is. 35).

God’s prophetic word will be fulfilled! It is happening NOW, before our eyes! Many new cities are still needed (and already planned) in order to create a new home for the Jews who are coming! The second part of our trip was reserved for this: reminding God of his promises and expressing our confidence that HE will do it. We proclaimed his strong, creative word in the locations where new homes are planned. see Is. 35 and 49  or Ezek. 36. Wow! What words!

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Like an arch over the whole time was the Holocaust. From meetings with survivors in Ashdod to visiting the „Fountain of Tears“ sculptures in Arad, to the conversation at the coffee machine in Yeroham – the Shoa (Holocaust) is and remains a wound in the body of the nation! It was good that we were there! Conversing with hippies, invitation for coffee and synagogue visit with Orthodox Jews, the rabbi’s personal blessing for each one, prayer for the people in Gaza – we organized none of this! The Father put it in our laps. Praying with persecuted messianic brethren and their dedication challenged us. We loved their new meeting center. Our God is a mighty God! How good it is to be on the path with HIM! In Israel or here!

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