Do not refuse Him who speaks (to you)!

December 2016

Hebrews 12:25


„Wake up! Strengthen what remains and is about to die, for I have not found your deeds complete in the sight of my God. Remember, therefore, what you have received and heard; obey it, and repent“ (Rev. 3:2-3).


God’s word is timeless, i.e. it is valid for all times. But some of HIS words receive special weight when they are spoken into specific, pre-ordained periods of time in order to encourage, warn, prepare and if necessary to turn around; such a word also  indicates the consequences of neglecting it. The „wake-up“ tour through all of Switzerland’s cantons is the conclusion of a trip through the 50 European countries and every continent on earth where the message and the trumpets were heard in the north, south, east and west. And timewise it lies right between the wake-up in the Arctic region (Greenland in August) and the Antarctic (King George Island (in December). I find it noteworthy that this world-wide wake-up takes place in exactly seven years (beginning of 2010  to the end of 2016). Seven is the  number of completeness or perfection. We hadn’t planned this but God apparently did.

When this news is published we will have been in all 26 cantons. What have we experienced thus far, particularly in Switzerland, and what have we learned?

First we determine that we began the wake-up call here in Switzerland in 2010. We went to the four language regions to inform Jesus’ body, to sensitize and motivate to join this wake-up call. Did this succeed? Yes and no. Yes, as far as individual brothers and sisters in various countries and regions of Europe and the world joined us.

Yes, certainly in the area of financial responsibility. God promised us in the beginning that we should not lay a financial burden on anyone anywhere in the world. HE promised that all the funds would come from Jesus’ body in Switzerland. We experienced this literally in every place. Halleluia and THANKS to all of you who shared in this!

No, in the sense that we wished for far more prayer support from brothers and sisters, that they had inquired how people reacted to God’s call, and had joined us in the world’s countries and regions.

Switzerland was the first country on earth in which God „made the effort“ to make the message and the trumpets heard in every canton! In the meantime we heard that HE has done the same in the USA and Asia. This once again gives us the realization and conviction that God truly gave a special calling to the members of HIS body in Switzerland. Namely the ministry of watchmen! He did not give this world-wide wake-up call in America, China, India, Brazil, England or Germany but in small, politically unimportant Switzerland! What do we conclude from this? That our little country should have a key role in God’s plans for Israel and the world.

There are few who hear God’s call and respond to it, including here in Switzerland. This can’t be otherwise when many of God’s people are sleeping, disobedient, have divided hearts, are led astray or about to die (see verse above). Nevertheless, there were people everywhere who responded to God’s appeal with tears, sighing and repentance. Both visibly and in the spiritual realm. There was also criticism, usually in written form. That’s O.K., one may have a different view of these things! And we all have to learn to be genuine before one another in truth. A good beginning!

We experienced God’s protection. Thousands of kilometers without accident or illness. We always arrived punctually at the meeting places. God provided for us in every way. The spirit of the Lord was and is on us! How else would it have been possible to preach this message over 100 times (whether to three or to hundreds of persons) as if it had been the first and only time?!?! We experienced wonderful welcomes and acceptance, for example when the alliance president and several pastors officially welcomed us. Not only us as persons, but also the prophetic message we brought. What a blessing for this canton! But it was unfortunately an exception. In other cantons the pastors weren’t even willing to make the wake-up meetings known in their congregations. We do not write this bitterly but see it as an expression of  God’s own diagnosis of the ill condition of HIS body. Not in vain did HE say, „My body is in an emergency situation. It has members who are mortally ill! It has members who are dead, blind, deaf, asleep, lukewarm, rebellious, disobedient; who love their lives more than ME!“  He does not want this situation to continue! He wants to awaken, heal, restore. He wants HIS body to function properly, doing what HE as the head says!

The variety of landscapes, but especially of languages and cultures are not just beautiful for the eye and the ear. They can be sensed in the spirit, as well. They contain a a large spiritual potential for blessing. God has commanded HIS blessing where brethren are together in unity (in spite of variety), Ps. 133. But this is therefore also an entry for Satan to work. His most urgent goal is to prevent this unity. We have seen how different the strength respectively the weakness of the members of Jesus’ body are in the various cantons. We urgently need one another! The stronger should care for the weaker, helping, supporting and encouraging them. But in order to do this we must all learn again to discern in the spirit. What is from the Lord – and where do we co-operate with the enemy? Where do we react on the basis of wounds or envy? Where must walls between us be torn down without fear of what could happen…There are things we can simply no longer tolerate! This requires humility and good will on both sides. God will! Let us also will! Among ourselves in Switzerland but also and above all  together regarding our Jewish brethren (Rom. 11:8). There is MUCH to catch up on here! If we are not linked with the root, all „our“ unity will be useless. In this area we often encountered lack of understanding, lack of knowledge, and blindness. But God speaks clearly for example in Eph. 2:15-19. When we return to the first love, get to know HIM better and deeper and return to HIS word, when we believe as the Scripture says, then we will also understand our roots!

We are not discouraged, frustrated or hopeless. On the contrary! As we know, God brings the dead to life! Just because of that we are on the way. Let us continue to pray, more intensively then ever, for ears which hear what the Spirit says and for the willingness to practice what we hear!

Werner and Regula Woiwode



A big, warm thank-you for all the helpers in each canton who planned and prepared these meetings. The flag bearers in the cantons were a wonderful, supporting and encouraging help!

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