Days of encounter in Aeschi 2017

February 6 – 9 / 9 – 12, 2017 – Aeschi by Spiez BE

Theme: “King of Kings”


My attention was drawn to this conference by a report in the Abraham Ministries bulletin from Werner and Regula Woiwode.

Since I had already heard a lot about Werner’s adventures with the Lord, I wanted to hear him for myself. So I thought I’d join this group of largely unknown Christians, always curious to know what our Lord is doing in Switzerland, in Europe and of course in Israel – and what is on the agenda right now. When I registered I was told that many farmers would be coming. My heart really looked forward to finding out why it would be primarily farm people who would meet here in Aeschi and what they would be coming for.

I was happily surprised at the generous esteem I as a „foreigner“ – non-farmer’s daughter – received. The word daughter refers to the age difference, since many were a few years older than I. I was also surprised at the numerous married couples who apparently were able to relax here and enjoy peace in the Lord together, in this place of fellowship. Thus I immediately felt at home in this open fellowship in the Bernese mountains where people were interested in every new face. With every meal, more new information and inspiration was mixed in with my impressions of these cheerful, so normal, simple farmers. It seems they have been meeting here for 25 years in order to worship the Lord together, to seek him and to have fellowship. Wow, what faithfulness!

The Swiss farmers’ conference was often mentioned and now I, too, am enthusiastic about this, knowing how much God honors our farmers. As we know, God often does the opposite of what the world does. Thus it is an on-going process to re-think and re-learn, which challenges my soul and my heart during such days and newly motivates me to see and think in a way which pleases God. For this we need each other and honest confession of our weaknesses or just testifying to what we experience with God. This is sooooo healing that already on the first evening I sat there with tears flowing, touched by God’s goodness. I knew that God is so faithful and he wants to heal us!

During these days God’s glory was expressed in a naturally simple way; this was manifest in the beauty and light in many hearts of those who have lived with Jesus for years and have grown to love him. Dedication of one’s life to Jesus creates peace and love. One again I was convinced of this through all the loving souls who accepted me with peace and love, borne through esteem and enriched by their faith. I expected the latter primarily in the small group conversations which took place every afternoon, giving me a place to digest what I had heard or to ask questions. I found it pleasant that even the older men expressed what moved them. Enriching. Models.

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I liked the joyfully prepared meals, the simpler style than in a hotel, and being invited over and over again to a set table or to snacks…, where there was opportunity and time to share with one another.  I found the book table inspiring and gladly took information pertaining to Israel, to prayer or to the Abraham Ministries. The free afternoons were filled with a wonderful nap, a walk or reading.

Werner’s inputs were challenging and it was impossible to fall asleep during them – for Jesus lives – right now! and his glory is so grand and his plans world-wide and inspired. Church, wake up, it is time to wake up, to be awake for the bridegroom, the king of all kings. I am grateful for Werner’s loud!, inviting voice which makes it impossible to overhear him. I was also impressed by his repeated ability to be still and wait for God’s spirit to work. A sensitive eagle who has learned to wait for the favourable up-draft and to wait for the Lord, in gentleness? For me it is a new kind of service and of authority through humility. Enriching. The team spirit was cheerful in all 4 leadership team members. They revealed to me a spiritual principle: Giving is more blessed than receiving. And taking responsibility brings joy. I thank you!

A succesful time of encounters in God Father- parents and family in Aeschi!

Andrea Tischhauser

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