European Prayer Meeting EUoP in Tallinn Estonia 2017

Once again about 40 intercessors from 15 European nations met for several days to pray. We heard several very encouraging testimonies of what God is doing. For example, there were several participants who were present at the initiative „Worship ring around Europe“. (more on Facebook under „Europe Ring of Worship)

We had invited Estonian guests who informed us about the history and spiritual condition of their land and people, as a basis for prayer. Then we met with the pastors of Tallinn. For years there has been a very good and warm relationship among the city’s leaders.

We also visited the parliament where a Christian parliamentarian explained Estland’s political system. Then we again gave thanks and prayed.

From the parliament we proceeded to the city hall, where the vice-mayor received and welcomed us. She likewise reported on her work and the country’s problems, especially in Tallinn with widespread alcoholism and drug addiction. Here we had another time of prayer, with personal prayer and blessing for our hostess.

As always, the worship service with our Estonian brethren was very strong and our prayer times with them very blessed.

We were very touched by the testimony of a brother who became a believer during the Soviet occupation. This took place in one of Tallinn’s largest churches, which the occupiers tolerated – but only because the KGB headquarters directly opposite the church was full of cameras, ensuring total observation. But when there was a revival, the worship services and all the others believers’ meetings were immediately forbidden.

Thus this movement gradually died away. Now a Methodist congregation meets in this church and they do a wonderful work. It is a truly vital congregation with representatives from all generations, as well as many families. Trans-congregational meetings are also held there, for example a week before we arrived. A worship and prayer evening took places for the first time, with over 1000 persons. The revival fire has broken open again! Halleluja. All glory to our God!



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