Afrika Outreach in Ghana and Kenya

November 14 – 28, 2017

„What do you want to do in Africa? Why Ghana and Kenya just now?”


The starting point for this trip was early in the year when our team had the impression that we should focus on leaders. In addition, we often receive invitations from African brethren, among others. We had the impression that particularly in Africa good leadership is necessary. All of this led us to ask brethren in Ghana and Kenya whether they would be willing to prepare and send invitations to conferences and seminars specifically for leaders. Thus it came about that I was able to speak for one week each in Ghana and Kenya to pastors, elders and other leaders. It was very, very strenuous but also deeply fulfilling and satisfying.

Everywhere the theme was the same: Lead as Jesus did! I preached in totally different churches – from a large one with seating for 1000 to a slum church which had no fresh air whatsoever, but was under a metal roof as in an oven, where all my clothing stuck to my body soaking wet after a few minutes. In all the churches 40-60 leaders gathered. This doesn’t sound very impressive, but when these leaders pass on the messages to others, they are multiplied by hundreds and thousands..


I experienced a wonderful example of this during the 3-day conference in Mombasa, Kenya, where the baking oven church stood. Pastors arrived from great distances and various regions. They are truly poor and have little or nothing. Of course they have no cars. Therefore they come by bus. Like a pastor from Burundi. Over Facebook he had heard about the conference and he wanted by all means to attend. He was on the bus for three days!! Unbelievable! These pastors slept in the church on the floor. They took a lot on themselves in order to attend. Jesus said, “I don’t want to send them away hungry, or they may collapse on the way” (Matt. 15:32). So in these slum churches we also paid for the meals.

In spite of all the poverty, many have a cellphone, with which they recorded the messages – like this pastor from Burundi. I had hardly been home a week when I received an invitation to a leaders’ conference in 2018 – in Burundi! The pastor who wrote me had heard my messages and thought that leaders in Burundi must hear them. He had heard the messages through the young pastor from Burundi who had attended the conference in Kenya. This is the sort of multiplication one desires.


I was deeply moved by the pastors’ attitudes. They soaked up the messages like a dry sponge soaking up water. They commented, “We have never heard such a message” or they were willing to repent immediately of sin. This was very impressive.

In another place there was a primary school directly next to the church. I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Pray for the children, bless them and blow the shofar over them so that God’s goals and plans will become reality for them.” I asked the local pastor about this and he gathered all the children and their teachers in the church, so that we could do it.

It was also very encouraging that “Israel” was often brought up and the topic “clicked” with some of the pastors.

Thus we thank the Lord for his guidance, protection and anointing over everything. We believe that the seeds sown will spring up and bear much fruit. And we heartily thank you, also, who repeatedly support us in prayer and financially, making such outreaches possible in the first place.



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