March of life for Israel in Switzerland

Easter monday avril 02 Constance/Kreulingen until sunday mai 06 Geneva 2018

What began in 2007 with a small prayer march in Germany has developed into a worldwide movement. We have no doubt that the God of Israel calls us here in Switzerland, as well, to respond to this appeal, for:

Is. 60:12, „For the nation or kingdom that will not serve you will perish; it will be utterly ruined.“

John 4:22, „…for salvation is from the Jews.“

Along with the regional annual marches, this national March of Life for Israel is truly a unique, one-time event. It will start at the Lake of Constance where the three German-speaking countries border the lake. They are linked by a kind of „collective guilt“ toward the Jews during the Holocaust. The march will end at the „Place of the Nations“ in Geneva in front of the European UNO headquarters. Where there is anti-Semitism or opposition to Israel, nearly all nations are involved. It is time to act.

Why Switzerland? In addition to its location in the heart of Europe, Switzerland is called among other things to watchmen’s ministry in prayer, to be a prophetic voice and a blessing. This ministry is directed to its own population, Israel and the nations (especially in Europe). The march’s core elements are:

Remembering: Giving a voice to the (Jewish) victims of the Nazis and their descendants.

Reconciling: Confessing sin, apologizing, restoring relationships.

Setting signs: Honestly working through the past. Decisively standing against anti-Semitism.

Blessing and restoring unlawful possessions (stolen gold, stolen money, stolen works of art…)


We invite everyone to set out with us. This can be through:

– marching (one or more days, weeks). Please register if you wish to participate longer than one day.

. visiting events/worship services (see reverse side). Invite others to participate.

– prayer. This whole matter is a spiritual battle. Prayer is decisive. If you wish to pray for the March of Life for Israel please contact us.

– giving. We pray, request and believe that a large treasure in the form of money, coins, jewelry .etc. will be collected. This will be turned over to Holocaust survivors.



plan of route

meeting place at 9:00 h train station

church service at 19:30 h

Mo 2 april MdL 14:00 Constance Marktstätte – Kreuzlingen Dreispitzhalle
Flyer_MDL Constance-Kreuzlingen
Di 3 april stat Kreuzlingen – Wigoltingen 20.8 km | 19:30 KGH Wigoltingen TG
Mi 4 april stat Wigoltingen – Rickenbach-Attikon 22.1 km | Stiftung Schleife Winterthur
Do 5 april stat Rickenbach-Attikon – Bassersdorf 20.9 km | GvC Bassersdorf
Fr 6 april stat Bassersdorf – Zurich 15.4 km | City Church Zurich

So 8 april Zurich 14:00 Sternmarsch, 15:00 Volkshaus, Weisser Saal
Flyer_Zurich Sternmarsch
Flyer_Zurich Volkshaus

Mo 9 april stat HB Zürich Treffpkt – Busslingen Hüsler bus  22.7 km | Forum C Busslingen
Di 10 april bus Busslingen Hüsler – Aarau 25.6 km | Heilsarmee Aarau
Mi 11 april stat Aarau – Rothrist 21.2 km | Evang-Methodist Church Rothrist
Do 12 april stat Rothrist – Herzogenbuchsee 24.4 km | Christl. Gemeinde Oberaargau, Lagerstr 41 Herzogenbuchsee
Fr 13 april stat Herzogenbuchsee – Lyssach 21.3 km | Pfimi Burgdorf
Sa 14 april stat Lyssach – Bern 23.0 km | Heilsarmee Bern
So 15 april Bern 14:00 Place of Federal
Di 17 april stat Bern – Bütschel Gschneit bus 16.5 km | Martinskirche Rüeggisberg
Mi 18 april bus Bütschel Gschneit – Schwarzenburg 15.4 km | Begegnungszentrum Wellenried 8
Do 19 april stat Schwarzenburg – Fribourg 20.5 km | Communauté l’Eternel est Bon, Rte du Bleuet 7, Givisiez
Fr 20 april stat Fribourg – Payerne 22.5 km | à la Grange, Impasse du Temple 6, 1470 Estavayer-le-Lac
Sa 21 april 19:00 Shabbat and Cinema «Un Juif pour l’exemple» | à la Grange, Impasse du Temple 6, 1470 Estavayer-le-Lac
So 22 april MdL Payerne 13:30 Railway station
Di 24 april stat Payerne – Moudon 22.3 km | Eglise Evangélique Moudon
Mi 25 april stat Moudon – Montpreveyres bus 13.9 km | open
Do 26 april bus Montpreveyres – Lausanne 16.2 km | Eglise des Boveresses, 58 av. Boveresses, Lausanne

So 29 april Lausanne 14h00 – 16h30 Manifestation | Temple du Mont-sur-Lausanne, Paroisse protestante, Route de Lausanne 9
Mo 30 april stat Lausanne – Etoy 22.6 km | Eglise d’Etoy Le Prieuré, Etoy
Di 1 mai stat Etoy – Gland 18.9 km | l’Eglise de Réveil, « Le Cèdre ». Route de Genolier 17 – 1266 Duillier
Mi 2 mai stat Gland – Coppet 18.4 km | EELG, Rte Suisse 9, Mies
Do 3 mai stat Coppet – Geneva 18.3 km | Eglise évangélique libre des Buis

Sa 5 mai 9:00 Bhf Genève Cornavin Entrée Metro Shopping – Gaillard (France) Eglise évangélique Gaillard, 39 Rue Réne Cassin
14:00 Prayer / 19:30 Service
Flyer  Cornavin-Gaillard
So 6 mai MdL Geneva 12:30 Cathédrale Saint-Pierre – Place des Nations UNO
Visitors please make a: Registration Geneva
Select number between “gratuit” (free participation) or “don volontaire” (participation with donate). One ticket is a gift of 10 fr. If they want to give more they can add more tickets. During registration they need to fill out, and then name, and first name, mail, city of origin, and langage for translation. The tickets will be send on your emailadress.


Flyer MdLfI18CH (up to date, german)


Picture gallery

Mo 2. April MdL  Konstanz Marktstätte – Kreuzlingen Dreispitzhalle

Di 3. April Kreuzlingen – Wigoltingen

Mi 4. April Wigoltingen – Rickenbach-Attikon

Do 5. April Rickenbach-Attikon – Bassersdorf

Fr 6. April Bassersdorf – Zurich

So 8. April Zurich Volkshaus, Weisser Saal

Mo 9. April HB Zurich – Busslingen Hüsler

Di 10. April Busslingen Hüsler – Aarau

Mi 11. April Aarau – Rothrist

Do 12. April Rothrist – Herzogenbuchsee

Fr 13. April Herzogenbuchsee – Lyssach

Sa 14. April Lyssach – Bern

So 15. April Bern  Bundesplatz, Segnungsgottesdienst


Di 17. April Bern – Bütschel Gschneit

Mi 18. April Bütschel Gschneit – Schwarzenburg

Do 19. April Schwarzenburg – Fribourg

Fr 20. April Fribourg – Payerne

So 22. April MdL Payerne

Di 24. April Payerne – Moudon

Mi 25. April Moudon – Montpreveyres

Do 26. April Montpreveyres – Lausanne

So 29. April Lausanne Veranstaltung

Mo 30. April Lausanne – Etoy

Di 1. Mai Etoy – Gland


Mi 2. Mai Gland – Coppet

Do 3. Mai Coppet – Geneva

Sa 5. Mai Geneva-Gaillard (France)


So 6. Mai MdL Geneva Cathédrale Saint-Pierre – Place des Nations UNO

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