March of life for Israel – Feedback


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Testimony from a jewish person:
Dear Richard,
Yesterday was a day on which all the Jews and Israelis who were present had tears in their eyes.
We are not accustomed to such sincerity of the hearts. Various Jewish persons had to leave the march because they were so moved. (Jewish persons and/or Israelis aren’t used to being so supported and loved…)
It is difficult to have such supportive friends outside of Israel.
I thank you and all the others who supported this testimony of love, especially for the support of the Jewish people and the land of Israel.
I’m looking forward to seeing you again and to working with you. With friendly greetings. (…)



The shepherd went ahead with his staff! It was clear who the leader was. Clear instructions! I myself enjoyed this.

His team had helped, e.g. by determining the route, by admonishing now and then, etc. Every person who was willing to submit was welcome. Personal impressions from us participants were received and put into effect. When we arrived in Geneva, the brothers from the committee took over. Some things were changed, for example there were no more flags, which was communicated clearly. Werner and his team were very good examples of what it means to submit to one another.


We were put up privately with people who gave us their best in warm love and sacrificial readiness. Friday one of the hostesses in France took me to the next one, who welcomed me. „Here is the key, here is your room and upstairs the room for the married couple. I don’t know if I’ll get back home in time. Here’s the kitchen…help yourselves!“ The next morning I told her that my friends were surprised that we „total strangers“ were put up privately like this. She said, „It’s true, I don’t know you, but I know your boss!“ and pointed upwards!

From Coppet to Geneva  –  „I love you all!“

„Is there anyone who doesn’t understand German?“ Werner asked at the train station in Coppet. One woman raised her hand, then R., who is from German-speaking Switzerland but has been living in the French-speaking area for a long time, immediately offered to translate for her. So we had ONE person from French-speaking Switzerland! At the city border, Werner read Psalm 24, as usual. Veronique, who wore the Geneva flag on her back, read it in French. When she was asked to say a few words she spread out her arms and said, „Je vous aime!“ et encore quelque chose: „JE VOUS AIME TOUS“ (I love you alle!).

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