„Sitting at Jesus’ Feet“ 2019


For me, the days in Amden were first of all simply vacation. No „to do list“ to fulfill, but just letting go of „stones“, turning them over to Jesus. Repentance where the LORD showed me that I should go to the Cross, according to Matthew 11:28…! – Time with and in God’s presence was soothing and the time with other participants was valuable. The inputs from Regula and Werner strengthened my faith, the worship times helped me enter peace with God and to be happy. It was an encouraging, up-building time.


For me it was actually „necessary and a good choice“ to take Maria’s position for a few days…, there allow myself to be loved by Jesus, to be gifted and instructed, to be simply in His presence, get to know Him better and to give back to Him what pleases and honors him….in every respect a deep time of encounter with God and the persons who led to a broad place and simultaneously to His presence. The quintessence: Can there be a better place than „at Jesus’ feet“, at the feet of Him to sees us, knows everything and knows us!


Sometimes I can still hardly believe that God co-ordinated everything so wonderfully that I was able to spend this time in Amden sitting at Jesus’ feet!

Jesus met me in my deepest and inmost origin, as I had never expected. HE healed, revealed, hugged me and told me: „I’m interested in you and your heart! This has had an effect even on my family at home!

a participant

For the second time I sat at Jesus’ feet with Woiwodes. It was good and in our increasingly hectic days it’s urgently necessary to sit still once in awhile to practice hearing and seeing Jesus. Maria (Luke 10:39-42) not only listened to what Jesus said. She also watched him with fascination. If we wish to live and grow in faith as Christians, it is absolutely necessary to look at Jesus and listen to him. I can warmly recommend these seminars!


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