Week of fasting for Switzerland 2019

March 2 – 8, 2019

For me the outstanding events of this year’s fasting week were:
+ God’s strong presence in the worship
+ the „filled quiet“
+ that we have a God who likes to speak to us
+ the total breakdown of our excluding and ignoring others/ grieving the Holy Spirit – we invite Him but when it gets uncomfortable we return to our program. What (tangible) pain we cause our Father with this!
+ freedom for „rustical“ praying in tongues, followed by (God’s) laughter
+ holy horror after hearing the mandate from the 1893 day of prayer: It has been only 126 years since then! How could it come to this?!?!
+ visit to the memorial in Riehen (near Basle) and the „iron hand“ (a place where many Jews believed they were safe, only to be sent back by Switzerland to their sure death)
+ declaration (=proclaiming out loud the word of God), meaning to thoroughly clarify. We are doing that in the visible and the invisible world when we….
+ …read God’s word out loud together: the power of God’s word.
+ visit by the author of the book „SWITZERLAND-ISRAEL“ – Matthias Winkler
+ unity in diversity
+ that our Father wants to do something NEW – and he will do it!
+ how easy it is to fast with God’s help and with each other
+ wonderful brothers and sisters, children of the Most High
+ that Israel is increasingly a topic among Christians because it is so high on God’s list of priorities

Every year I end up with such a list when I try to pack a fasting week in words. It’s simply not possible! This dynamic simply cannot be put on paper. In the end I can only say: I am amazed all over again every time at what God does when we come to him without a set program – filled with the longing to allow HIM to work. Although it is never about us, in the end we are those who are blessed!

Micah 7:18-20
„Who is a God like you, who pardons sin and forgives the transgression of the remnant of his inheritance? You do not stay angry forever but delight to show mercy. You will again have compassion on us; you will tread our sins underfoot and hurl all our iniquities into the depths of the sea.
You will be true to Jacob, and show mercy to Abraham, as you pledged on oath to our fathers in days long ago.“



I look back in amazement and awe at the fasting week in 2019. It is impossible to grasp everything, let alone describe what God did during this week. Therefore I will simply try to relate what is at the top of my heart – for even our memory is piecework. What strongly moved me in everything once again is the Father’s desire to communicate with us.

For hours at a time we read his word out loud. And in chapter after chapter he SPOKE — to his prophets, to his disciples, to us – sharing his thoughts and his heart with us.
During our praise, worship and prayer he also „spoke“ in pictures, Bible texts, prayers in tongues with interpretation. His repeatedly encouraged with „Do not fear!“ and „I WILL WORK“. But we also had to hear that Switzerland has landed „with the pigs“ just like the lost son in the parable (Luke 15:11ff). But also that God in his overwhelming mercy wants to approach Switzerland once again in its „valley of decision“. He is like the Father in the parable who was looking for his son (Switzerland). But for us this means a radical „change of direction“. It is no longer our thoughts, our programs, our goals which are decisive but HIS  WORD  and  HIS  WILL – under the Holy Spirit’s guidance! So we prayed urgently that we ourselves, the body of Christ in Switzerland, the government, leaders and people may enter this new time initiated by God.
Additional highlights of the week were the visit to the memorial in Riehen and the visit by Matthias Winkler, author of the book „SCHWEIZ – ISRAEL; Challenging taboos, improving relationships?“ Also the wonderful experience of being part of a group of persons who in unity of spirit and hearts were together in a way I had never before experienced. This, took is a taste of the „new“ which will come!
In this loving unity, fasting was almost self-evident and each person returned to his or her place strengthened and richly blessed.
With another thanks to the leadership team,

Ursi Schönenberger

This was the third time I was able to participate in a fasting week with Werner and Regula. Each time I was richly blessed even though I wasn’t fasting for myself, but for our land.
I was greatly encouraged and strengthened in my faith! Since the first fasting week I experienced an increase in the spirit each time. This time we experienced a unique unity in the spirit.
After each fasting week I was also strengthened physically.
It is so refreshing and encouraging to hear God speak in this fellowship. The worship and the quiet and the listening to God refreshed me in spirit, soul and body.
In addition, my father in heaven again uncovered sins which I could get rid of. I truly experienced what is written in the book of Acts: Repent so that times of refreshment may come from the LORD!
The visit to the refugees’ memorial in Riehen (near Basle) was very impressive for all of us. I was deeply moved that another German Christian was so dedicated and provided a house in our country in memory of the Jews we Swiss citizens turned away and sent to sure death. What blood guilt we took on ourselves!
The highlight of this fasting time was the visit of Matthias Winkler, author of the book „Switzerland-Israel“. It impressed us greatly to hear how the almighty God called Matthias and prepared him for this momentous service! It is so amazing that God is still concerned with our country, calling people and equipping them for service. It was a great privilege to be present when Matthias was prayed for and received prophecy.
I myself can only recommend such a fasting week because each time I was very enriched.
We also heard testimonies which greatly encouraged me to fast at home. I’m already looking forward to the next fasting week next year!

Miranda Schwarzentrub

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