IWS Israel Ministries day of prayer in Berne 2019

Some personal impressions of the 2019 Israel Ministries day of prayer in Berne.

– More people came than the last time. Super. Made me very happy.

– When I entered the room, the first thing I noticed were of course the banners. I thought everything looked very good – the two banners in front on the stage (the decoration, too), as well as those on the side walls. But what I consider even more important is that these banners are messages! They are proclamations! Therefore I found everything very strong, especially from a spiritual standpoint.

– Those who gave inputs were almost all new, fresh faces, in spite of their age. It was good to see and hear others, for once.

– The instruction to form groups of four to pray was very good. In this way each person was able to contribute and the prayer times were much more intensive.

– The worship was also excellent. Without great effort the two musicians attained the most possible. The songs were familiar, so that everyone could sing.


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