Prayer for Europe in Helsinki

September 22 – 25, 2019

Once again we met in the country which hosts the EU presidium, this time in Finland’s capital Helsinki. We have reported in Abraham News on the previous meetings. This year it was special that we were able to meet with Thomas Sandell, a Finnish person who founded and directs the ECI (European Coalition Israel).  For over 20 years this organization has been bringing the topic of Israel to the highest political circles such as the UNO and the EU. God has opened doors for them in amazing ways in order to clarify the topic of Israel objectively and biblically. (

Another remarkable person is a born-again parliamentarian whose life story we heard. It is wonderful how God called this man first to Himself, then to prayer for politicians and finally to become a member of parliament himself. He leads a small prayer group within the parliament, where we met him. Simply brilliant and very inspiring!

Then there was Jorma, a brother whom God called to pray for his country. This is another wonderful, gripping and encouraging story such as only God can write.

Jorma is also the one who sent the letter to Jesus’ church to several dozen pastors and leaders he knows personally, asking them to pass it on to others. Halleluya and thank you, Jorma.

The situation of the Prayer for Europe is very special right now. After 28 meetings in all the EU countries in the past 14 years we are now confronted with the question of how to continue. In addition, the visionary founder is leaving the organization due to age, and two team members have also left. We are in flux, like so many other ministries, organizations and churches also. But we are on a good path regarding both transition in the team and continuing the prayer meetings beyond the EU members, to other European countries. Thus in the spring of 2021 we will meet in Switzerland in the heart of Europe to pray for our continent and of course also for Switzerland and Israel. We are already looking forward to this!


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