Prayer- and Fasting week for Switzerland

07. – 13. March 2020 in Hallau SH

Now the week of prayer and fasting which I had looked forward to so much is already in the past. How wonderful it is when brethren meet together in unity and storm heaven to move God’s arm regarding so many challenging situations in our land!

At the beginning of every fasting week I ask myself how the Holy Spirit will make unity out of this colorful group of brothers and sisters. After all, the age difference between the youngest and the oldest participants was almost 60 years! Well, the Holy Spirit did it once again in an absolutely sovereign way and the shortest time.

I really enjoyed the times we worshipped together in various ways. I was amazed each time at what the Lord made of this: powerful times of prayer and intercession, prophetic speech and signs…


Reading God’s word out loud builds us up, strengthens our faith and causes awe and amazement over our faithful God. This God, the creator of heaven and earth, the highest being in the whole universe is our Father! He loves us so much that he wants us to be very close to him! What mercy and indescribable joy! But there were also tears of grief over our apathy, our sinfulness and our unfaithfulness.

The prayer excursion to the baptist spring was very special. While on the way and when we were there we had a deep time with the Lord, in which each one asked himself, „Would I be willing to dedicate my life in the same way the baptists did? Even if it would cost me my life? Each one must answer this before Yeshuah. During communion we gave him our answer. Two descendants of these baptists prayed there and were especially blessed. 

Because we were a large group with one person from each canton we covered 24 hours a day with watching and praying. These watchman’s hours passed quickly, both during the day and during the night, which was a sign that the Lord was present. Several persons saw large angels around the house. I never slept so well during a fasting week as this time. The personal conversations with brothers and sisters are also enriching every time.

Thank you Yeshuah and Abba. Thank you Werner and Regula for your spirit-led guidance! Thank you to all the brethren who participated in this rich week and served with what they are and have! Thank you all intercessors!


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