March of live for Israel in Switzerland

Easter monday avril 02 Constance/Kreulingen until sunday mai 06 Geneva 2018

What began in 2007 with a small prayer march in Germany has developed into a worldwide movement. We have no doubt that the God of Israel calls us here in Switzerland, as well, to respond to this appeal, for:


March of Live for Israel

June 2019. In recent weeks, more than 15,000 people around the world have marched side by side with Holocaust survivors, their descendants and Jewish organizations and communities in Marches of Life.

With antisemitic incidents on the rise worldwide, every March is an encouragement! Sharren Haskel, member of the Knesset Parliament, expressed it this way after the March of Life in Stuttgart: “I have already resigned myself to the thought that as a Jew I am nowhere safe in the world except in Israel. I have already become accustomed to assaults and insults. What I have experienced today – being on the street with you – that gives me hope.”

When he was officially presented with the petition “UN Resolutions against Israel – Not with My Vote” with more than 7,000 votes the representative of the Federal Chancellery, Conrad Häßler, said, “We take this considerable number of signatures very seriously.” On Wednesday, May 22, Germany voted against an anti-Israel resolution at the WHO for the first time. Could it be that the German government is changing its voting pattern, as called for in the petition?
Let us continue to raise our voices together – United to be a Light!

Sincerely yours, the March of Life Team

March 7-13

Fasting week for Switzerland

Berghof Hallau
Register by February 18!
tel. 052 741 52 33

March 22-25

Prayer for Europe

Zagreb, Croatia

Awakening Fire

April 9 – 11
Conference of TOS / Tübingen D
with Daniel Kolenda, Heidi Baker, David Hogan, Jobst Bittner
Bible Talks | Life Skills | Business Lounge | Media Summit | Campus Connect | Erev Pessach Fellowship

Saturday April 25

National day of prayer,  Israel ministries of Switzerland

EGW Berne

May 13-17

Deep encounter with God

Seminar with W. + R. Woiwode
Amden House of Prayer
Register: 055 611 23 33

Sunday June 21
2:30 P.M. – 4:30 P.M.

Solidarity event with Israel ministries of Switzerland

Federal Plaza Berne

September 5
10:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.

Watchmen day of prayer

Stiftung Wendepunkt
Niedermattstr. 3
5037 Muhen
Please bring a picknick.

November 2-11

Prayer and diaconal service trip to Israel

more dates with Werner and/or Regula Woiwode:


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