“Blowing the trumpets from the north over America”

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Edmonton, Canada

27 -31 August 2014

The contrast could not have been more extreme between our time in California and Edmonton, where we blew the trumpets for the last time during this 7-week trip around the world. We had chosen Edmonton because Pascal and Katie live there. Pascal, a young Swiss man who was our son Jonas’ best friend and a member of our house congregation, is now married to Katie from Edmonton. This meant we could kill two birds with one stone!

Naturally the two of them attempted from the beginning to establish a link to their congregation. The goal was to reach a larger circle of believers through their pastor, perhaps even to organize an inter-congregational meeting. Unfortunately this did not take place because on the one hand “there was too much to do” and on the other hand “The congregation does not understand this kind of ministry,” as the pastor wrote me honestly. The leaders of the prayer group were also repeatedly invited to participate or to organize the occasion. This did not resonate, either.

Thus the conditions were totally different from all the other places we visited. I really do not want to judge brothers and sisters or give vent to my frustration here. I merely want to describe our different experiences with believers. And God makes no mistakes! We never had the impression that it would have been better to go to another place. No: Right here we were to blow the trumpets and also wanted to!

There were further hindrances to overcome. Here was the first and only place where my suitcase did not arrive – with the trumpets inside. It was a “big deal” before it finally arrived Friday morning. Katie was a great help to us. Friendly and patient to the end.

Thus we had no further contacts to congregations or prayer groups. We enjoyed these few days with time to take some excursions with Pascal, Katie and their young friend Jabez, who was visiting from Germany. We saw the area and also visited Katie’s parents and grandparents, who are of German origin. Hooray, for once NO English!!!

The trumpet blowing was planned for Saturday, our last day. The location was tremendous, on a hill from which we had a beautiful view of the city and its surroundings. The 12 persons who gathered represented four generations of Katie’s family (this had never before happened!) and 6 congregations! This sort of prophetic act was new to them – nevertheless they were all present! What a blessing for this warm family!

Werner gave a message from God and then blew the trumpets with Katie. Everyone joined in the victory cry and after proclaiming Ps. 24:7-10 together we prayed for the city, the region and the continent. None of the participants had ever heard such a message before. They were deeply moved and touched by it. “One should really hear this in our congregations,” said Omi that afternoon when we visited Katies’ parents. Some persons told us very personally what this message had meant to them. Halleluja! Thank you, Lord Jesus. This is exactly how revival begins: with myself!

That evening, after a time of worship, we had the opportunity to pray for Pascal, Katie and Jabez and bless them. Wonderful young persons for your kingdom, Father!

It is done – at least, everything which was planned for these 7 weeks. Thank you Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit. And THANKS to all of you who were part of this – in whatever way!

© 2003 by Verein Abraham

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