“Blowing the trumpets from the north over Australia/Oceania”

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Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

24 – 29 July 2014

“In no case should you leave the grounds of your hotel,” the pastor and his wife who met us at the airport warned us. What an adjustment for Swiss persons who are so blessed with peace and security on our streets (compared with the rest of the world!). In any case we were glad to follow this advice of the local people because we were tired and glad to rest a bit in the hotel. We still didn’t realize for what a historic weekend God had brought us to Papua New Guinea. Our contact person, the Reverend Joseph Walthers, is a nationally known pastor and spiritual father. On this weekend pastors from  all of Papua New Guinea had flown in to be present when Pastor Walthers passed on the congregation’s leadership to his son-in-law and daughter. He himself had been called by God to be more active internationally. Thus it turned out that on Saturday we were present at a celebration. We were honored guests at the tables set in white and were spoiled with mounds of various kinds of food. The speeches expressed what an important man Joseph Walthers was and is for the land. In addition to the congregation, many pastors, business people and parliamentarians were present.

The responsibilities were officially transferred on Saturday morning. After lengthy and joyful praise and worship, with and without electricity, the Walthers couple entered – pompously with flags, national hymns and flower girls. It was touching to watch the father turn over the speaker’s podium to the son-in-law and see how they blessed each other, setting one another free for the new responsibilities in their lives. We still  didn’t know when the trumpets would be blown. Our host had said something about Monday, but we had the impression that if possible it should be on this weekend and said so. Sunday afternoon Pastor Walthers asked, “How would it be this evening during the last meeting of our 4-day conference?” Hallelujah! Gladly!

After many testimonies and the youths’ presentation of the topic fatherhood, Werner and Regula told why we were present. As usual, they concluded with fiery words and the spark passed on to the others present. We gathered together at the stage when Werner and Pastor Walthers blew the trumpets. Here again the victory cry didn’t want to end and together we all proclaimed Psalm 24. After the meeting many persons told us of visions or impressions God had given them and which only now, after we came, really made sense. The people had been prepared, which was a great encouragement for them and for us. During the conference it had also been said often, “Now is the time for the Pacific, for Oceania and for the islands!” What a confirmation that God had clearly told us at the beginning of the year that we should set out for the distant islands.

Another person present at the evening was the parliament speaker’s advisor. He was so touched that he spontaneously invited us to lunch at the Papua New Guinea parliament the following day. So we were picked up by Clement, a businessman (who also works with the government) who it seems is responsible for the development of the whole land. Together with him and his wife we drove to various places around Port Moresby and he explained the plans for the coming years. Hard to grasp…new airport, new harbor, new neighborhoods, new factories and international businesses. Papua New Guinea is the new America, the “land of unlimited opportunities”. They have gas, oil, gold and much more and must now learn to utilize and apply these resources. Clement is a visionary and it was a pleasure to listen to him.

Following a visit to the national museum we drove to the government building, where we ate with the born-again speaker of the parliament and several prayer partners. During lunch with them we were amazed at their reports. “20-30% of the parliamentarians are born-again Christians,” they told us. “Before every meeting we all pray the Lord’s prayer together (not only the born-again persons, but EVERYONE!)” The president himself dedicated the country to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He repented and publicly – over the radio – broke the country off from all occult practices. The government is presently in the process of replacing a huge idol which stands in the building, within direct sight of the speaker of the parliament. It will be replaced by a statue whose foundation is God’s word and which clearly declares WHICH God is meant. They are inviting Benjamin Netanyahu to the dedication of the new sculpture.

We heard this and other amazing things during our meal. Following that we prayed for them and Werner blew the shofar at the entrance to the parliament.

Greatly encouraged and also touched we are now sitting on the plane to New Zealand. What a privilege to see and experience what God is doing in the whole world and all the places where he has positioned his ground personnel! We are excited and looking forward to hearing what will come next in Papua New Guinea.For the declared goal of the Christians there is simply the biblical challenge: Go and make the nations to disciples! They want to see that and believe it for their land… Papua New Guinea!

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