“Blowing the trumpets from the north over Europe”

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„Open the North Gate“

24 – 25 November 2012

Representatives of 25 European nations gathered together in Hamburg under the banner „Open the North Gate.“ The raison d’être behind this gathering was to worship God, to intercede and in particular that „the closed gates and wells in the North“, from which blessings once flowed to the whole of Europe would once more be opened. In addition to long periods of worship, prophetic activities were undertaken, including welcoming every nation represented to „the Lord’s table“, so each representative came wrapped in their countries flag, up the red carpet to the deccoratd table. At the table, prophetic words were declared over that country, and it was prayed for or it repented . The host country, Germany, remains imbedded in my memory. A frail, little lady was kneeling and crying at the table. The German flag was draped over her shoulders. As so often happens when Germany is centre stage, a wave of guilt and shame erupted over these people, which is not only caused by their history with the Jews but also through their conflicts with other European countries. After a lengthy period of prayer, this lady stood up and said: „I feel that I ought to dance with the German flag. But I am not yet ready to do so. I must wait. “ Suddenly a young tattooed Pole stood up. He went forward and took the German lady without further ado by the arm. Holding onto her arm, in front the Lord’s table he began to pray healing, restoration, freedom and love over the German people. „We love you, Germany, We need you and the calling, which God has given you,. And I personally, as a Pole want to say to you that I love and we have forgiven you!“ Tears fell down countless numbers of faces. But it didn’t finish there. When he finished praying and still holding onto the German lady he began to dance. He began to twist and whirl her around for a while in a circle and when he felt that she was also ready to dance, he let her down onto the floor. He put his right arm around her hips and with his left hand took hold of her hand. And so they danced together until he let her go with one last twirl and she continued dancing alone, still draped with the German flag.

There was continuous worship during the gathering in the main meeting hall. During the night time different countries took it in turns to lead the worship. Those who wanted to could lead a „watch“. On the following day, it was time for the trumpet blowing. We had, of course, already blown the trumpets in Germany (in 2010) but today’s Wake-up call was not for any one particular country but once more for the European continent as a whole. My parents recounted the message that lies behind the Wake-up call, and it was plain to see that people were not only touched by the message but also challenged. In a prophetic act, we had previously opened „the North Gate“ and now those present made a big alleyway, in the middle of which my father blew the trumpets together with a young Englishman. After this a powerful time of devotional prayer ensued..

Monday came and it was time to fly home. We were standing in the main station in Hamburg, waiting for our S-Bahn (local suburban train) to take us to the airport. Then came an announcement over the public address system which shook us awake. „ There are unauthorised people on the tracks, causing an indefinte delay.“ Less than 2 minutes later, the whole area was closed: lots of policemen, firemen, and paramedics stormed onto the tracks. Sirens could be heard coming from all directions. We left the building on the lookout for a taxi, and couldn’t believe our eyes that within 5 minutes the station had been totally surrounded by15 large fire engines and police cars. Up to the time of writing this, we do not know what happened.

However, it is what happened the following day that gave us greater cause for thought and reason to pray.
Less than 24 hours later, we found ourselves back in Germany, this time in Duisburg. As we were about to drive into the city we couldn’t, the roads were toally blocked and chaos reigned. Nothing moved anymore. We called my uncle, in order to inform him of the delay and our late arrival. What he told us sounded like a joke: „A 500 kg. bomb from the second World War has been discovered. They have not been able to defuse it, so they want to detonate it. They have to evacuate a number of houses and the complete district where you wanted to spend the night has been sealed off. I have been stuck here for four hours now and can’t move. „ A little later we found a parking place and made our way into the city and used up some of the waiting time by enjoying a meal. We have never seen the streets so empty. The differing sounds of sirens: police, fire engines and ambulances sounded from all directions. It was dark and really eerie. An old peoples’ home had to be evacuated, and so a convoy of 35 ambulances drove past us, all with blue lights flashing and sirens loudly blasting . It sounded ghaslty and remided us of a vision which God had given my father: A horror scenario and everywhere the howling of sirens. Besides that came God’s word: „Emergency, emergency, my church is in an emergency situation. But they don’t even notice it, they don’t believe it, because they are sleeping!“ Were these last two days a confirmation for us, for what we have been doing for the past three years, or does God want to add something more?
He who has ears to hear ….!

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