“Blowing the trumpets from the east over America”

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11 – 19 July 2015

When we were planning and asking God where to blow the trumpets on the various continents, we had the impression that he sees America as one continent, i.e. north, central and south America together. Therefore we blew the trumpets in Canada from the north, in California from the west and now in Brazil from the east. We had no direct contacts in Brazil, since we had never been there. A young pastor in Zurich (he is from Chile), whom we had met in Jerusalem, established a contact for us, via Chile to Rio de Janeiro. This sounds complicated and a bit uncertain, we thought. But it was ultimately God  who wonderfully prepared everything. Jorge, the young pastor from Zürich, was our key person who set everything in motion. He urgently advised us to pray for a translator, since few people in Brazil speak English and even fewer are Christians who flow with the Spirit during translation. Pastor Silvio who greeted us in Brazil had never had a guest from another place. Inviting someone, being “responsible” for him and preparing a program, plus organizing translation without speaking a word of English himself was really a challenge for him. He mastered this in an inimitable way. He himself met us at the airport, accompanied by his daughter and three members of his church, two of whom spoke a few words of English. Pastor Silvio could have become an actor instead of a pastor. Or even better, a comedian! Because we couldn’t speak, we laughed all the more! He had prepared a program for us which was really something! But we soon realized that little or nothing from this program would take place as it was written.  They cared for us with their cheerful, warm-hearted way which immediately and repeatedly conquered our hearts. I was able to preach the trumpet message in four churches! We blew the trumpets in Pastor Silvio’s church. In the others I blew the shofar, followed by a victory and birth cry after Isaiah 42:13-14!

The translator God sent us was an answer to prayer. She was totally with us in spirit, with mimic, gestures, voice and emotions which could not have been more ideal! Thank you Lord and thank you Thaysa! One time Marcio, her English teacher and mentor, translated because she had to work. He is clearly her teacher! Really great! Marcio also explained to us that the church in Brazil is not in good shape. Most of the believers simply  want to be blessed by God – with health, money, a job and a good life. Money plays an important role. They want the gifts but not really the giver. But we had the impression that God’s message and wake-up call was willingly accepted by many hearts and that something new will be born.

In addition to the preaching we visited families and a printing shop with a believing owner and we climbed a kind of prayer mountain (Mt. Sinai), from which we had a grand view of the city. Of course we also blew the shofar there. Between these events we had time to enjoy the sights in Rio: the statue of Christ, the sugar mountain, street markets and of course the Copacabana Beach. These were unforgettable, wonderful moments with breathtaking pictures. Thank you Lord, also for this and for our wonderful new friends, including believing brothers and sisters, in Rio. What a privilege to be God’s messengers bringing the good news in his name.




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