“Blowing the trumpets from the east over Asia”

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29 July – 5 August 2015

Still filled and overwhelmed with all our experiences in Chile, we set out on the next adventure: Japan! After traveling nearly 2 days from South America via Australia, we landed at 6:00 A.M. in the metropolis of Tokyo.

The first two days were reserved for sight-seeing, so we got acquainted with green tea, sweet mashed beans, sea weed and some of the interesting places in this gigantic city. My parents loved the hour-long trip we took in order to have a glimpse of Mount Fuji, which stubbornly remained in the clouds. So we had to be satisfied with photographing a post card before setting out on the long return trip.

The first meeting in the church was already planned. Here, too, we had to quickly adjust to the new culture. After the partings in South America dragged on with all the huggings and kisses, here we had to bow elegantly. Our contact person, Pastor Kakuko, leads a prophetic coffee shop which “turns into” the church on Sunday mornings. We loved the idea of not leaving the church empty 6 days of the week, but of using it in order to reach the “world”. Thus 95% of their church consists of former clients of the coffee shop.

We blew the trumpets on August 1 in the coffee shop – and thanks to the time difference it was at the same hour as the national day of prayer in Switzerland! People came from various churches and places. Mountains of food were set on the table. I was put into a traditional kimono which was tied tightly until I nearly fainted. After Dad gave the message and the alarm sounded, we were overwhelmed by the loud and seemingly never-ending victory cry sounded by the normally reserved Japanese. After we had prayed for each one on Sunday morning, they really thawed out. They crowded around us from all sides, laid their hands on us, prayed, wept, laughed and hugged us. What a joy!

Then our time in Tokyo was already over and we set out for Fukushima. We had worship services in two churches there and were once again positively surprised at the openness and hunger with which the message was received. We traveled to the areas which suffered the greatest damage from the earthquake and the following tsunami (2004). Much is still in the process of re-building. We had a very inspiring encounter with a Christian who founded and leads the largest volunteer project in Japan. They distribute “clean” water and food to families with children in radioactively contaminated Fukushima. He explained that it will be 30 years before the air is clean. These families ought to have healthy food from another district, but they can’t afford it. So this project collects “superfluous” wares which would otherwise have to be thrown away and then distributes them to the families who pay a membership fee of less than a dollar per month.

The next thing he told us was really exciting. “There is a place near here named Canaan which was totally spared the contamination, as if God held his hand directly over it.” They were able to buy this land and began holding Christian camps. If a child spends 3 weeks in this area which is free of radioactivity, his body cleanses itself. This is something medicine is unable to do. So the children of the Fukushima region spend 3 weeks a year there during vacation. This man was bubbling over with ideas when he told us about his plans and ideas for the future. A genuine visionary!

Filled with all these special encounters and events, the days passed very quickly and once again we had to say good-bye. With large steps we near the fulfillment of our commission to blow the trumpets in the north, south, wast and west of every continent. Oh that the world would hear the cry of God’s father heart! The alarm will in any case continue to sound in the spiritual world and will bring awakening – from the east over Asia!

And then there were only two…


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