“Blowing the trumpets from the east over Australia/Oceania”

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3 – 11 August 2014


A sleepy look out of the small airplane window: in stead of paradise-like beaches, a cloudy sky, rainy. “Winter” in Tonga…

Pastor Barry was already expecting us. He is the son of Israel Taukolo, a pioneer here in Tonga. His heart was on fire for the nations and for Christian unity. “Make the nations into disciples…” was his vision. Isi was a close friend of the last king who was a born-again, spirit-baptized Christian. This king repented and dedicated the land to the God of Israel! With earth in the hand. Therefore, said Martha, the deaconess, nothing wrong can be hidden here. Everything always comes to the light and there is little crime! To say nothing of serious acts such as murder, which doesn’t exist here! Wow! The present king is also a Christian and actually has the last word in government business! His NO stops all the plans of parliament! May he become a close friend of Barry!

Today Barry leads the congregation founded by his father, including a radio station which in cooperation with a U.S. ministry was expanded into a TV studio. They now send Christian programs 24 hours a day. That was also our platform for blowing the trumpets. Live! I am always amazed at Werner! Although he has preached the message so many times his zeal does not diminish! It has truly become part of him! And so we were able to sow the Lord’s word in open hearts. Because of the sound system the trumpets echoed. It was as if the holy spirit spread the sound over all of Oceania and Australia – which he is really doing! I just never heard it so clearly! The Christians responded to the message with deep faith and joy. Wonderful! We’re looking forward to the answer of our Abba!

The worship was simply overwhelming! I wept the whole time – God was simply present! Then Barry and Werner stood together behind the pulpit. Tears flowed down both their faces. The whole gathering was moved deeply by our God’s love, goodness, greatness and beauty. What a father!

After a tasty meal (at 5:00 A.M. Barry cooked mussels +??? for us!!!), interesting conversations with two married couples, and a short break, we stood in front of the camera again. The theme was prayer. I was in native look…How I enjoy these worship times!

Many people from Tonga fly to Australia as harvest workers for 5-6 months at a time. They are “trained” for this – spiritually as well as     physically. People there are simply not used to working hard… We were present at one of these evenings but understood nothing except Werner’s input. It was the same at the open air meeting on Friday, at the main square in the midst of the city! The Christians here are VERY visible, even at the market. Wonderful! Dancing and music is what these people like! And what about us!?! “Will you come to our meeting tomorrow?*” “No.” “And after tomorrow?” We successfully defend our week of vacation in paradise. Now they say, “Next time when you come…” That’s probably next Monday already. I’m looking forward to it!

P.S. It seems the time has really come for the Pacific islands. The Indonesians (Asia) were here ahead of us and prophetically rolled out the red carpet for the King of Kings. Africans opened the eastern gate here for HIM – and now we Europeans… Welcome America!

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