“Blowing the trumpets from the south over Africa”

suedafrikag     loc_suedafrika

South Africa

12. – 16. August 2015

No one at the airport to meet us – what’s this?

By now, after all the wonderful experiences “around the globe”, we were rather spoiled. Now, first of all we had to find lodging ourselves. It turned out to be pretty, cold and NO Internet in the whole neighborhood…… Nowadays, nothing more works without it! Least of all when one has absolutely no contact with local people. Thanks to Jonas, our personal travel specialist, we moved two nights later to a non-emission-free zone. That was good!

However, as far as local contacts were concerned, it didn’t help much. Since no mails – from us or from the other side – had come through, everything here in Cape Town was cancelled! No meetings, no official trumpet blowing. Now what? We were familiar with the spiritually important place the Christians here had chosen for the trumpet blowing. Our contact person in South Africa was in England right at that time, but had given us the “spiritual authority”, so we decided to go ahead alone – unless our chauffeur…? During the hour of driving to the location I had time to converse with this man from one of the townships. And a certain fear of the Lord could be discerned in his life. So – we explained the message to him and what we had in mind, then asked if he would blow the second trumpet. “Yes, gladly! We need that here. I feel very honored”, he replied.

While traveling to the location we saw a rainbow in the sky and just ahead of us a slow truck on which was written PROVERBS 8:35! (“Whoever find me finds life and receives favor from the Lord.”) Pure encouragement! And do you know what?  After we blew the trumpets and prayed we could see the whole rainbow, from one end to the other on our way back! Any more questions!?!? It was just good – in spite of everything! Because HE is good.

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