“Blowing the trumpets from the south over America”

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20 – 27 July 2015

“Benediciones!”  “Benediciones también!” “Mucho gusto!” “Gracias!”

Never have I been hugged, kissed and blessed so much! And I enjoyed it! The warmth of Chile’s people is wonderful! After a flight over the enormous, majestic Andes a whole reception committee was waiting for us! One of them was Jorge, our “contact man”. He is from Chile, pastors a church in Switzerland and is a great blessing to us. So wonderful that he made a special trip to Chile for the trumpet blowing! Love for the homeland makes it possible.

In Rancagua and Osorno we were welcomed by many pastors. And how! They didn’t even have to look us up in Google. The Holy Spirit confirmed to them that the message and the “prophet” were from God. It was overwhelming to see how God had already opened doors ahead of us and thus the word was received with open hearts. Even in churches which due to mistrust normally allow no one from the outside to preach. Or the VERY traditional… And others which had recently experienced great disappointment with foreigners.

After two suppers within two hours and a night in the unheated house of a kind couple, we traveled south to Osorno. There again we were welcomed with much love, warmth and the same openness. Two worship services and a meeting with leaders were on the program. Each meeting was filled with God’s presence – simply wonderful! We were all richly blessed by our God! For example with KUCHEN (cake), a word which people in Chile also use. German immigrants strongly influenced the southern area and their good influence can still be discovered! Thus we ate “Alemanas” in the German club, accompanied by ten leadership couples. (The previous day we had dined next to the Swiss village!)

In our tightly packed time back in Rancagua we had 4 totally different worship services, a meeting with the evangelical alliance including the mayor, and blew the shofar with a brief message on the town’s main plaza. This last meeting was coupled with a prophetic drumming event of Chilean youth. Everything was tops! And of course blowing the trumpets. For that we and about 20 others (including 6 pastors) scrambled up a steep hill outside the city. Wow – what a view! With tears, with great passion and gratitude to our ABBA we completed our God-given commission! This love, this reconciliation, this dedication of our brethren there! What a privilege to participate!

Somehow we passed from “glory to glory” – how could this be topped? And then there was the last evening – when, following the foot-washing,  the brethren also “sowed into Werner’s hands” (put their money in his hands)  he lost his self-control… During the last meal at 11:00 P.M. (late as always) they demonstrated their musical talent! Unbelievable!!! How 50 guitars can be played – what virtuosity!!!

In all of this Jorge was at our side and had to translate almost everything. Even prophecies for us which were phoned in shortly before midnight! And on the side, he met many of his old friends and stayed up most of the night with them. And in the morning he was ready punctually. We were amazed! Thank you, amigo!

We repeat ourselves, but it is true over and over again: It is such a privilege and so enriching, to experience all of this! In heaven we will all meet again and have an eternity of time, without language problems, to deepen our friendship. For now we say, “Hasta la proximal, Amigos!” And gracias for everything!

P.S.   I have never eaten as often as here!


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