“Blowing the trumpets from the south over Asia”

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12 – 20 July 2014

What a country! And what believers! Both showed us something of God’s overflowing “giving mentality”. Thousands of islands, fantastic landscapes, coasts, forests, volcanoes, hills and animals. Simply amazing. To say nothing of the wonderful brethren. In the largest Moslem country of the world there are about 15% born-again Christians. Nowhere have we seen more mosques, tendency growing. There is persecution here, also. In the past years about 500 churches in the Bogor region were burned down by Moslems. In spite of that, or even because of it, the church is still growing and God’s kingdom continues to spread.

Although the Indonesian church has a special gift of worship and prayer, and it is generally assumed that there is revival here, we  – and with us God’s message – were received very openly, humbly and at times eagerly. The trumpet wakening call took up seamlessly what Rick Ridings received two years ago during the World Prayer Assembly in Djakarta. He said that the church here is like an elephant – large, strong, imposing, but asleep. It is time to wake him up! Halleluia!

And now we are here, that is God is here, and sounds this wakening call and the trumpets are heard!  We came in order to be a blessing but we left again as those who had received and been blessed. We have really been given gifts beyond requesting and understanding, with wonderful presents, invitations to meals, outings and meetings in the church. But most of all we were touched by the heart attitude of our brethren who never grew tired of assuring us what a privilege and blessing it  is for them that we obeyed God and came to them. They were amazed and grateful.

We were surprised to learn that most of the pastors we met also have a business. For example, they had bakeries, hotels, a zoo, etc. Thus they employ many Moslems and have influence in their society. Our hosts belong to the Bethel Church of Indonesia, whose main pastor leads the largest congregation in Djakarta with four services every Sunday, each with 3000 persons attending. They have hundreds of subsidiaries in the whole country.

We blew the trumpets during a regular monthly prayer meeting. Several pastors were there and the 350 participants were full of fire (Holy Spirit). They were deeply touched and many tears flowed. The victory cry following the trumpet didn’t want to end. The other two meetings as well, in two different cities, were very blessed. There were breakthroughs on a personal level as well as for the church. A prophetic word for one of the churches was, “Today I, God, will build a  bridge from here to Zion!” In general there was a love for Israel and readiness to pray for it.

The meeting in the last church was planned on short notice. Because of that and also because it was Monday, only about 60 persons attended. It was brief but powerful. For example, the pastor of another church came (there are divisions, lukewarmness and lack of interest in co-operation). For the first time in his life he experienced the Holy Spirit’s working – and was thrilled.

Of course it is also wonderful that our whole family was able to travel and serve together. That is so thrilling. It was therefore all the more frustrating that Hanna and Sarah became ill and couldn’t be with us for two days. They were cared for well and were even taken to a hospital in order to receive the correct amount of fluid and medication intravenously. Now they are well again. Thank you Father for all the good things you have done and distributed.

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