“Blowing the trumpets from the west over Africa”

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19 – 26 September 2013

Ghana, in Africa, is worth a trip, especially when one has the privilege of enjoying it in good company. Our trio, Werner and Hanna Woiwode and I, were welcomed and accepted in an unusual and loving way. Both the congregations, with their apostles, were looking forward to our arrival, especially to Werner’s trumpet and shofar calls
which were in the center of this trip.
It was tremendous to see the changes in the physical and spiritual world as a reaction to this liberation ministry of Werner. Because these people were so open for God’s word they were able to receive great strength and new perspectives.
It was really wonderful to experience the Africans’ worship. Even I dared to move around freely and celebrate with them joyfully, worshipping and dancing. We were deeply moved by the anointing we received from Pastor Mark Collins in his congregation.
We even had an opportunity to visit several apostles and influential spiritual representatives of the land. A highlight was our meeting with Pastor Sam Korankye Ankrah, the general apostle of Ghana, which was possible through Werner’s contacts.
It was very enriching and interesting for me to have a closer look at the Abraham Ministries.
A visit to the former slave prison Elmina Castle, surrounded by the fantastic sea shore, left a deep and sad impression.
I had a great many experiences during this week, which was a highly concentrated, interesting time. I would never wanted to have missed this trip.

Sister Ursula

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