“Blowing the trumpets from the west over Australia/Oceania”

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Perth Australia/Oceania

20 – 24 July 2014

A small group of leaders was waiting for us at the airport in Perth. The group included Gloria, our contact person and leader of Arrow Head Ministries; Francis who, like Gloria, is an aboriginal from the north; Pastor Malcolm, our host; and Nick, leader of one of the 3 messianic fellowships in Perth. We felt very welcome and at home with Malcolm’s family. The four days in Perth were packed full of very different meetings. In each place we met wonderful fellow Christians, which is one of those precious privileges when we’re traveling with and for God.

On the second day Pastor Solomon from Kenya joined us. Gloria had invited him so that a he could meet us, among other reasons. We decided to blow the trumpets on Thursday, the day of our departure, from a tower in King’s Park. This park is the largest in the world and lies in the midst of the city. As a way of preparing, we held meetings every evening which were open to everyone.

A weekly healing meeting became a very special occasion. We had met the leader, Pastor Phil, the previous day in a cafe which is part of his city-wide ministry. We wondered at the way God works through his very creative disciples! We expected to be simply present at this “supernatural Wednesday”, in order to look and learn. Then Pastor Phil gave me the microphone in order to say something. I briefly explained why we were present and said, among other things, that God is a consuming fire – of course with the corresponding passion. That was sufficient – he said I should continue preaching, which I did gladly with fiery zeal. In conclusion Regula, Hanna, Gloria, Solomon and I prayed for all who wanted more of God’s fire. Everyone came to the front and some persons were spontaneously healed, e.g. when Hanna prayed for one person whose old pains – which had even led to depression – disappeared! What a joy it was to see pastors who followed the Holy Spirit’s leading instead of sticking to their prepared program. Thus we experienced tangibly how God filled the room, setting people free, healing, encouraging, equipping – and then sending out into the world with new strength! Father give more of this, to us, too!

A group of about 30 persons met at the DNA Tower in King’s Park to blow the trumpets. Some from Malaysia, Singapore and Burundi were also present. Gloria had the unique idea that this time three persons from the native groups should blow the second trumpet. So three women from various Australian territories each blew a trumpet call. I think it was very important and decisive that it was done in this way here. After a prolonged victory cry, the proclamation of Psalm 24 and a time of prayer, a park warden appeared to break up the meeting. It was forbidden to occupy the tower in this way and make it impassible for others…Someone from the “other side”  which has a strong presence in this park had phoned him. It seemed a good sign that the kingdom of darkness was worried and wanted to stop us. But it was too late! The warden came just at the right moment, because we had completed our commission.

Once again we had favorable weather. On the previous days it had rained more or less. On this particular day the sky was blue and the sun witnessed to what God had done! Then an eagle circled over us – a breed which was thought to be extinct in the Perth region! Wow! God confirmed this in another way, as well. On our return trip we saw slogans such as “CHANGE IS IN THE AIR / ALL WILL BE REVEALED and a car license with WA DI D!  Our father has humor!

Thanks, worship, praise and honor to our lord and king Jesus Christ.

© 2003 by Verein Abraham

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