“Blowing the trumpets from the west over Europe”

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Europen Union of Prayer (EUoP) Ireland

13 – 18 May 2013

As I have often reported this prayer initiative was founded in June 2006 and meets twice yearly in the country whose countryman holds the six-monthly office of the President of the European Union.
This time about 40 people from 14 different European countries were in attendance. It is always a great joy to meet up with brothers and sisters who not only have a heart for God’s intentions and plans for their own country but also a wider view and desire to see changes in our continent. Another important factor joining and uniting us together is our common love for Israel! The organisers who came together two days earlier had the very strong impression that it was time for something new to begin. Something „more“ in relation to unity, expectation, faith and authority. This was confirmed during the course of the meeting. Although the meeting was one continual highlight, I would like to pick out a few points, otherwise this report would be too long.

– Theme: Family, children, marriage; God’s Spirit gave us broken hearts, tears and a pleading of unusually strong intensity.

– Some of our Irish participants received a breakthrough in the awareness that they are Europeans and part of our continent.

– Spontaneous outbreaks of reconciliation between the Irish and English was also experienced.

– During the Israel evening everyone put their shoes on the map of Israel as a declaration that they are standing for and together with Israel to make a clear statement; „Wherever you go, I will go as well!“

– Trumpets were blown from the west out over all continents, to open a door through which old sources of blessings could be set free and flow once more. So many streams of blessings have flown out from this particular part of our continent: St. Patrick, Columbian, Gallus (and many other monks), John Wesley (the Methodists), William Booth (the Salvation Army), Evan Roberts and the Welsh revival.

– Prayer, blessing and commissioning time for Abraham Ministries and their mandate to blow the trumpets on every continent. In the same way that we had been blessed to go out into the nations of Europe from Switzerland, so now the leaders and brothers and sisters from Europe were sending us out to the continents of the world.

– A day of prayer in Dublin in different locations in the city and an evening of prayer in a church.



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