Blow the trumpets over Albania

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March 2010

Dear Werner and Regula,

Today we have been reflecting about the conference. Even when everything did not run smoothly, we are nevertheless full of thankfulness, because the praise and worship and the teaching was a total success. As far as the teaching was concerned, I have so often in the past experienced that it went over the heads of the people,. This fear I had already voiced ,as it turned out unnecessarily, before the conference started because your teaching was so good that the Albanians could fully understand it and were encouraged in their faith. Therefore, it is my desire for you that you would be able to go into many different countries of the world to give out that which GOD has placed in you.

I am also considering contacting a number of the churches who were represented at the conference to see whether we can ocassionally come together for joint church services or youth meetings; my desire being that our Albanian brothers and sisters would experience GOD in their homes and in their everyday life.

So you can be assured that you were GOD’s messengers and that your ministry has left behind long-lasting blessings.

Warm-hearted greetings
„New Dimensions“ Team in Albania


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