Blow the trumpets over Andorra

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6 november 2012

We set off for Andorra by car without first having a contact person. As a result we were agog to find out what God had prepared for us and with whom we should blow the trumpets. We made our first stop shortly after crossing the border into Andorra on the lookout for a church. The one we found was closed and after a quick look round no other church was in sight. So we made our way to the nearby Tourist Information Office, where Werner made a beeline for the advisor at the counter. It only took Werner a short while to recount to him and visibly touch him with the complete message. Nevertheless, he declined our request to blow the trumpets with us. It was not possible for him during working hours.. He would have liked to help us but he didn’t know how. The only church in the town was closed.

So there we stood asking ourselves what God had prepared for us here. Should we stay or drive further on into the country. After a time of prayer we were all in one accord to drive on. The road led us up a mountain and down the other side into a valley. Alert we looked out the car windows. Where should we go, Jesus? It was a real adventure with God, fully trusting in Him, that He would lead us to the right spot. It is not our assignment; it is His. He doesn’t leave us in the lurch. Suddenly Werner pulled over to the side of the road , there were no houses to be seen far and wide. The car was giving out some strange noises — after considerable prayer these noises ceased and we could drive on again without any misgivings. Halleluja.

We had almost left the village when we saw a church tower up on a hill. We agreed that we should go there.
This church was also closed. But we were not prepared to give up so quickly. Next to the church was a school. Werner and Daniela made there way into the school while the rest of us remained in the car and prayed.
With beaming faces, Werner and Daniela returned with the news that one of the teachers had called the priest who had agreed to come and meet them. This was not so easy as it sounded as both the teacher and the priest only spoke Catalan.

A short while later a car drove up quickly and an older man jumped out. With our simple Spanish, we attempted to explain why were here and what we were doing. He continually nodded his head until we asked him the question whether he would blow the trumpets with us. NO! „Would you then bless these two men?“ „YES!“ So he took some of the holy water from the church and blessed both trumpets and Werner and Jonas. Then he made it clear to us that we could remain here as long as we wanted to … and then he disappeared.

We had the blessing of the local church: so let’s go! And so the two silver trumpets were blown in the 47th. European country, this time from two members of our team.
Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

Sarah Woiwode



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