Blow the trumpets over Belarus – White Russia

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6 – 10 June 2011

Vladimir, our Jewish-Messianic friend with such a great big heart., greeted us with wide-open arms when we arrived at the airport. Such was the joy to see one another again! Once more his boundless love and dedication for everyone, whether churchgoer, Holocaust survivor, young actor, rich businessman, waiter or hooligan greatly impressed me! He kisses, hugs and accepts everyone with an open and unfeigned heart. Every time this humiliates me but also at the same time, it challenges me! The presence of Jesus in him can be felt and it draws people from every background to him. This is what we need today, especiallly as people no longer regularly come to church. We need to go to them and love them into God’s Kingdom. That’s what Jesus, our great example, did; the first among many. We should be, as HE is! (Rom.8:29)

Since the conference in Auschwitz with Vladimir, he has organised similar reconciliation trips to different concentration camps. He learned from us how to go about doing them. The mixture of people in his groups is phenominal! Jews from every religious background, „Gentiles“, Christians and hooligans!!! Two such ultra-right radical Neonazis have become believers! That is possible when the love of Jesus lives in your heart – as it does in Vladimir!

This time he also had planned some special meetings; many of them with Holocaust and ghetto camp survivors. Over a simple home-made koscher meal, the 76 year-old Frida Raismann told about her life as a child in the ghetto. (She has already written five books „LEST WE FORGET“). In the ghetto museum we also met another victim from this time; a man who survived Bergen-Belsen, Maidanek and Ausschwitz …… young actors portayed these experiences in a play which affected us deeply. Everywhere eating and fellowship were inseparable! We individualistic westerners have a lot to learn in this area! Inexplicably these misused and exploited people love us; despite our nationality!

Werner was able to preach to these Jews about their Messiah in a church service! Mega!

Also in a conservative Baptist church we were able to blow the trumpets. Because the local bus wasn’t running, there were not so many visitors at the church; nevertheless we succeeded in completing our mission! Afterwards we were encouraged by the testimony of a young man who related what the LORD had done in his life that evening!

Together we spoke to the members of the Singles club at that church and prayed propheticallly over them. This was the first time that we had preached on the subject of marriage together. For us a relly good experience, also the question time which followed!

During these days in White Russia, we all experienced the blessings and favour of the LORD !
Regula Woiwode

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