Blow the trumpets over Belgium

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July 2010

We arranged to meet with the leader of „Prayer for Belgium“ ( similar to „Prayer for Switzerland“) at the Triumphal Arch in the middle of Brussels. We had to pass through an Army and Weapons Museum in order to reach the lift which brought us to the ca. 165 feet high terrace of this magnificent monument

But at the entrance to the Museum, I had to hand in my rucksack containing the trumpets.

Oh oh … When we reached the terrace, we had to wait for a while for our Belgian brothers and sisters. When my mobile phone rang we discovered that they were down below and were waiting for us there. When they joined us on the terrace, I explained that I had had to hand in my luggage at the entrance including my trumpets. Someone immediately made the suggestion that he should go down and inquire whether we could have the trumpets. No sooner said than done. After a few phone calls, smiles and laughter over the „crazy“ tourists who wanted to blow trumpets on the terrace, we were given them back. And so we were able to blow our trumpets and make a victors’ cry and proclamation from the Triumphal Arch over Brussels and Belgium

One thing of special note, while we were waiting for our Belgian friends, peacefully enjoying the sun and looking at the quiet scenery of Brussels below us, all of a sudden, we heard the sound of many sirens (police cars and ambulances). An emergency call!

This picture with all the caterwauling sounds of sirens chilled me to the bone, as GOD has shown me many times the condition of the Church of JESUS CHRIST in the nations of Europe and, at the same time, I heard the words: „Emergency. This is an emergency situation. You are in danger. It is extremely urgent!“

It was as if GOD wanted once again to remind us, lest we forget the urgency of the current situation.

Because the Triumphal Arch was closed on this day , we gatherd for a time of prayer at the nearby „Youth with a Mission“ centre.


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