Blow the trumpets over Bosnia-Herzegowina

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18 July 2011


This was the second country on this trip in which we had no contact to any Christians, We were full of expectancy of how God would regulate the situation this time. We arrived in Sarajevo in the evening. That morning the Bible verse in the Losungen said that Jesus went throughout the land preaching in the synagogues. We took this as God’s word for us and were convinced that the trumpets should be blown in one of the state churches. So we went on search for a Catholic Church. We found one just in time as the Mass began at 18.00. We joined the congregation and were amazed to see how many people were in church on a Monday evening.The church service consisted of God’s word and Holy Communion. What a blessing! We asked God which man He had chosen to blow the trumpets with us. Jesus showed us all the same young man. When the Mass was over, everyone stood outside the church and chatted with each other. Dad went over to this young man and explained to him what had caused us to come to Bosnia. Without the slightest hesitation the young man blew the trumpet together with Dad. Right in front of the main entrance to the Catholic church, amidst all the people who had just attended the Mass. Afterwards we enjoyed good contact and conversations with these Catholics. One of them said „Even if you are not Catholics, we are all brothers and sisters in the Lord“. How true!


about blow the trompets: Video


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