Blow the trumpets over Bulgaria

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1 – 4 September 2011

Stefan and Daniela picked me up at the airport in Varna. We drove for about two hours direct to Burgas, a town on the Black Sea. They are a German (Stefan)/Bulgarian (Daniela) pair, who, 6 years ago, started a prayer house/ ministry. They were our local contact persons whose concern for interdenominational prayer and intercession lies heavily on their hearts. On Friday evening I brought the message of the LORD and at the same time explained the reasons behind the trumpet blowing. We were there as an enlarged and extended prayer group. This served as the introduction and preparation for the trumpet blowing planned for the next day. To this purpose we drove the following day up a hill where we had a wide panorama view over Burgas and the surrounding countryside. Once again I found it so encouraging to be standing under a very large cross. Together with one of the pastors, we blew the trumpets. Then we proclaimed Psalm 24 and prayed for the church in Bulgaria and for the people in this nation. There were quite a number of children and youths present. So then we had a time of special prayer and we also blessed the young generation. It was a wonderful and anointed time of prayer. On Saturday evening I was invited to speak at a youth club meeting. The son of the pastor, who was also present at the trumpet blowing, drummed up a number of youths from other churches especially for this evening. Everything on the spur of the moment, but simply super! The time of praise and worship was very, very strong and I had tears in my eyes because the presence of the Lord was so strong. It was truly a wonderful evening. God wanted simply to win the hearts of these young people (although there were also some older people present!) for Himself. They were totally committed; body, soul and spirit! They made it clear once more, to both God and those present, that they wanted to follow God wherever He would lead them. It was not only inspiring, but awe inspiring!


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