Blow the trumpets over Denmark

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11 – 13 September 2011

Inger and Bo picked us up at Billund airport. They are both regional group leaders from AGLOW; Bo, in fact, founded the worldwide first Mens’ group for AGLOW, which has subsequently expanded to around 15 other countries. So we met up with real pioneers. For our stay in Denmark we were accomodated in the Bibleschool in Kolding, where some 50 students from all over the world (including Switzerland) currently live and study. The region of Kolding is strongly influenced by the Apostolic Church (Bewegung Plus in Switzerland). About 500 people come regularly to the church, which is very dynamic and offers something for every age group. The Bibleschool is also part of the church activities. During recent years and months the church has been undergoing a time of change and renewal. The leadership has changed from one generation to the next, both in the church and the Bibleschool.
It was especially interesting because our visit to blow the trumpets coincided with their time to vote for a new Parliament so we also prayed for this. We were able to preach God’s message in the church and afterwards to blow the trumpets in the Bibleschool. We heard, and that not for the first time, from some of the intercessors, that God had brought them together with brothers and sisters from Austria and given them the mandate to bless Germany and to pray that the body of Christ there will enter into iits God-given calling – which will ultimately be a great blessing for the whole of Europe. We all agreed that God could not have chosen a better time for us to blow the trumpets. The following evening we were invited to an AGLOW meeting (for both men and women) to give our testimony. It was a very intensive time during which God once more knocked on the door of people’s hearts and spoke into their lives. With a prophetic act, at the end of the service, we blew the Shofar over everyone present for the walls in and around us to cave-in and collapse.

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