Blow the trumpets over France

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30 September – 2. October 2012

Less than 48 hours after our return from Slovakia, found us sitting in an airplane bound for Paris. France is the 43rd. European country on our itinerary. Ruth, our contact in Paris, greeted us with enthusiasm and anticipation. Although she was born in Switzerland she has lived as a missionary for 40 years in France. After a very satisfying snack, we plunged into the turmoil of the Metro which brought us to the heart of Paris. About twenty people were awaiting us between a Catholic church and the Pantheon (a symbol for religion and understanding). As Dad was explaining the vision of the catastrophy and the sirens, an ambulance drove past us less than ten metres away with its siren blazing. As he finished we could see from the concerned faces and moist eyes that the message had been sown into fruitful soil. At the same time as the three trumpet blasts the doors of the church opened and the churchgoers poured out into the square. What a sign from God,: “ Yes, open wide the gates, and let the King of Glory in.“ (Ps.24:9 LB)
Afterwards Ruth guided us to a restaurant where we enjoyed a wonderful French meal. The following day we made our way, armed with camera and sunglasses, to Sacré-Coeur, Montmartre and Notre Dame. We enjoyed the beautiful weather, the magnificent view and prayed for the city and the visitors to the „den of thieves“.
In the afternoon we went to the Burgundy region where Ruth and her husband own a house. They live there with their two children and their respectives spouses, and together they play a significant role in the building up of house churches. We also shared God’s message there, blew the shofar and prayed. After the evening meal we all sat together in their living room, prayed and celebrated Communion. Under the influence of the Holy Spirit my father washed the feet of the four young people and afterwards my mother anointed them with prayer. Prophetic words were also uttered. That these prophetic words were accurate could be easily seen through the many tears that resulted.
The next day we spent the last few hours in Auxerre, a wonderful, historical town in Burgundy. Ruth proved to be a walking encyclopaedia and shared much valuable information which we included in our prayers. After we had also blown the shofar outside the church,.we drove back to the airport.
Very happy and content , then now there are only seven!

Hanna Woiwode

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