Blow the trumpets over Greece

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14 – 15 July 2011

We spent the two days in Greece with a wonderful married couple (he is Greek and she is from White Russia), At noon we were taken by our hosts up a hill where we had a stupendous view over Thessaloniki. We prayed there specifically for this town, which has such a rich spiritual inheritance, and we blew the Shofar. In the evening we went up Mount Olympus. We were told that the Greeks were beginning to come there once again to worship their old gods and bring them sacrifices.. On arrival we had a very blessed time. The presence of the Lord was very strong and we all wept over the guilt of their land, which had such a great influence over the whole of Europe (Greek spirit, Humanism etc. ). In particular, one lady spoke about Jesus’s great authority in prayer. She proclaimed God’s word and her prayers direct to Greece and the church, just as though she was talking to a child. Two hours later we returned home happy and blessed.

about blow the trompets: Video

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